Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 6

Bonanza Is Disgusting

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on CBS

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  • cleaning up the trash...

    The town leaders chose the strongest people, and Taylor, to clean up the trash and bury it away from the town. Taylor refused and drama ensued. DK almost left because of the bickering, but he stayed and got the gold star. This was a good episode. It shows that, at least, there are some mature young adults in the group that try to stop the pointless argueing. Cleaning up the trash was interesting...I just wonder why they hadn't done it before. Oh well. Overall, interesting episode, not as good as some of the others, but it was still entertaining and interesting.
  • More of the same - bickering kids being manipulated by the producers.

    I managed to catch the whole fruits / veggies vs. dune buggies thing. Once again when the thing kids that age really want is revealed their eyes light up. But when the adult choice comes up (veggies) they select that one. Either the producers are explicitly telling several of the decision makers to choose the "right" thing or some off camera producer is giving them the "evil eye". Part of the manipulation is in the form of an episode outline from that book the host gave them. Ive even seen reports that, like Survivor, some shots were actually staged and reshot allegedly to get better camera angles or better dialog. GOOGLE ----> "KID NATION" reshot

    The things these kids say is unlike any kid Ive ever seen (I was in advanced placement courses in Middle/Highschool, so I know that even smarter kids would choose whats more fun at least half the time). But these kids ALWAYS choose the socalled "need".

    Im sure after this is all over more details on how manipulated these kids were will leak out. Right now they and their parents are under the threat of a $5 million lawsuit if they say anything. A few things leaked out during the summer but since then its been stony silence (the lawyers probably sent letter to all the parents).
  • They are really learning

    It starts by showing Bonanza's trash problem. Rats are crawling everywhere the city is really a mess. The council decides they really need to do something about the trash or it is going to keep growing. The town council gets together a bunch of kids to bury the garbage. Lelia and Taylor are two of the many kids who are chosen to help clean up but they refuse to do so. While burying the trash Guylan has problems helping getting the sand out, feels discouraged and has a mini-meltdown about it. Later Lelia decides she should help with the trash, but of course Taylor being the beauty queen she is doesn't want to help at all. DK later gives Guylan a pep talk. The council cant think of how to get Taylor to work, they try to get her to carry water since they are out but she dumps the water half way to the water tower and walks away big surprise. DK gets a ton of kids to help get the towns water town full. For the town showdown they have to dig around in a frying pan full of pigs and beans (the joke was live pork and beans ew ha ha). Many kids were scared of the pigs, some weren't. To get the town reward they had to get a total of 75 cans in 15 minutes, and of course they did it so they had the choice of fruits and veggies or dune buggies. (Health or Pollute) They town council says that the fruits and veggies are a need so they pick the fruits and veggies leaving Taylor mad. Later Emilie, Brett and Eric are doing some horse play and Brett gets hurt and DK comes to his rescue but then gives them a lecture. Good job DK! The town council says the choice is easy the Gold Star will go to DK but he raises his hand that he wants to leave, but Guylan pulls him aside and then he decides he will stay. It was a pretty good episode.
  • The kids are learning more about what it takes to live in the real world. They are also are trying to deal with kids that just do not want to do any work.

    Rats and garbage, not one of the best themes but one that most people never have to deal with as we live in cities where those items are taken care of by others. The kids decide that to get rid of the problem they have to get rid of the garbage that attracts the rats and bury it. They pick a cross section to get the job done, from kids who know how to work to two who basically refuse to do anything. Taylor refused to do anything and when the town council gave her punishment for refusing to work she threw another tantrum. This is getting old, on the CBS website her actions are heavily commented on and one person said that it reflects strongly on her upbringing, I agree.
    The gold star was well deserved. The kids did choose the right reward, they needed a variety in their diet and did not need the toys.
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