Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 3

Deal With It!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on CBS

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  • Emotional episode that turned out really good.

    This episode was very good a lot going on in one episode which is less than a week for the kids in the show. I seriously think that Greg needs to get into therapy or something of that sort. Maybe open a Bananza City Physch Center? Seems like that would be a likely place for Greg if he doesn't cool his jets. I feel sorry for his family who has to have their friends see what kind of a person Greg is on national television. It's interesting to see how the town council is starting to dissolve and cripple down to the rest of the Bananza City occupants. In case you're curious what I mean by that please take note that on "Day 9" the council almost caved in to getting the 40 pizzas instead of microwave. Let me quote a line that one of the occupants said "What else will we cook in the microwave besides the hot chocolate?" although a few other occupants mentioned the microwave problem I chose to quote this one because the children are losing their ability to help each other in decisions and we have already seen the point of chanting in the honor of one choice over the other. If you look at this as a smallscale view (or what would appear to be) of how society tends to cripple under it's own weight after creatures of habit (humans) lose some of the things they're use to in a daily life. I know the majority of users on this site will believe that I'm overlooking this, but after studying societies and how humans act I beg to difer that what I'm saying can be in fact proven.
  • funny...

    The town council issue a curfew at 9:30 and it pisses a lot of kids off. Yellow moves up to the upper class after the challenge and sit around and do nothing. The kitchen is finally working well. The gold star was given to a little girl that was turning nine. Honestly, I thought that was ridiculus. The kid got it because it was her birthday. Ya, she worked a little hard, but not really. She played with stuffed animals all day or managed a shop. Oh, that's hard. She just got it because it was her birthday. Overall, very entertaining show and very interesting. Oh, the dust storm was interesting and scary. Those kids managed it well.
  • This was an intriguing episode because you saw more than the counsel members.

    This was an intriguing episode because you saw more than the counsel members. There are a wide range of kids on this show and they're starting to showcase some of them. If you are a parent, the way that Olivia and Mallory (sisters) treat each other is exactly what you would hope for with your kids. They supported, loved and cared for each other. It was wonderful to watch. Last week Mallory had a stuffed animal day care and this week took home the gold star. When Mallory won the star and got to call home, my family was in tears. You could see the love in that family. There's no "Hollywood Mom" in that family. Morgan is gaining some notoriety lately with her hard work and motherly attitude. When Greg goes on a tirade, Morgan approaches him and gently reprimands him. You can see the care and concern on her face when a storm blows in. Then you see her tuck one of the smaller kids under her arm and run for shelter. This girl will win a lot of friends and possibility a gold star before it's over.

    Taylor had a rough week this episode. In her defense, she's been given a lot of responsibility for such a young kid and she's struggling with it. She was correct about the microwave (need) over the pizza party (want) but her bossiness was a little much. In the town hall meeting Olivia and others made sure that Taylor knew people were watching her. Hopefully she uses this to improve her work ethic and people skills.

    Colton is a unique little kid that we really get to see in this episode. He stands up in a meeting with a no nonsense attitude about curfew standing behind the counsel's decision. Then you see Hunter, Zach and Colton chasing bulls. Hunter and Zach are more cautious but Colton stands toe to toe with a bull and stares that bad boy down. In the challenge he dominated with fearless play. His future career is likely to be a Hollywood stuntman or a daredevil.

    Greg, well, as my mother taught me if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. _____________________________________________________________________
    Hopefully my point is made.
  • This show continues to show how good the kids can be for the most part. We have some good scenes of kids being kids.

    However Taylor is still in need of a reality check. She cried on cue, and is the queen to the max. I hope that her actions here on the show have will come back to haunt her in life and maybe she will wake up to what a self centered person she is. But then I know people like that, and some people never learn.
    The kids are great for the most part, being kids. The pizza issue is worth a visit.
    The whole camp with very few exceptions wants something to eat, and while it may have only lasted one day, it would have been a great morale boost and taken some of the pressure off the kitchen.
    While cocoa is a nice reward and a microwave a nice help, the other reward would have made a huge difference.
  • kid (Sophie?)gets star more because of her birthday than for being a valueable citizen, jumping the sheep was somewhat humorous, Taylor gets a reality check

    I am a fan of the show, but this episode didn't have a lot to miss. Do you want a pizza or microwave? Again the kids came out ahead, where it easily could have went the other way. I was proud of Taylor at this point. She looses her shining moment at the town meeting when she got high and mighty literally (being her natural self). It felt good to see Sophie (I believe.) get the star, but not sure she actually deserved it. The timing was right for it though. The sheep herding was somewhat funny to watch, especially with Colton gettin' busy.
  • Kids arguing, swearing like drunken sailors, and alot of boring stuff happens.

    During commercial breaks of another show I saw the typical things that happen during Kid Nation.

    Kid raking flour - yes powdery baking flour. I thought these kids were supposed to be intelligent? That had to be the dumbest thing Ive ever seen.

    Wind Storm blows over all the outhouses and someone yells "Holy Crap!" Kids yell and scream alot. Kids chase sheep and cattle with huge horns - not exactly a smart move.

    Kids swear like drunken bleeping sailors! I think the chicken killer (if that was him, with so many kids you lose track of whose who) sounds like an Andrew Dice Clay protege.

    Another kid got a gold star. Which one? Dont remember dont care. I thought Pirate Master, cancelled over the summer, was one of the worst reality series ever - well Kid Nation blows away PM by a mile in that category. CBS needs to exile KID NATION to CBS Innertube for the rest of the episodes and put JERICHOs 7 new episodes on the air instead.
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