Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 11

I Just Like the Recess Part

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • I think I want to see Taylors report card because she does not want to learn in this episode.

    I did not like Taylor in this episode because she showed her lack of motivation. The episode is about remembering because the show down was on the history of Bonanza city and they had to use sling shots to pop the right ballon. Bonaza would win the reward and get an arcade. Taylor in the previous episode was threatend to have he reward taken for not working then her rewared was pulled. The only way for her to get her reward is to work then shen did the dishes to earn arcade time but no one was doing there job. the concil was to pad lock the arcade or not padlock the arcade.
  • video games tons of video games...

    The new town council filled with boys decided to choose the video games reward over books so the red and yellow districts were hooked on them. They did nothing but them so their jobs were not done and this made a lot of people mad. DK decided that a padlock on the games tell all the towns jobs are done. Hunter was the $20,000 gold star winner in this episode was Hunter and he deserved it. The showdown had bolts, fling shoot things and baloons the kids had to pop the incorrect answers from what they had studied earlier with their districts. Little Miss drama Taylor of yellow didnt want to study so the new council told her since she didnt study she wouldnt get the reward, but she did get the reward until she actually did her job. Overall it was a pretty good episode so i gave it a 7.8.
  • good episode...

    The episode starts off with killing chickens. I was getting really pissed off at Taylor because she was saying that the ugly chickens should die. Seriously, how naive is this kid? Anyways, they killed the ugly chickens and moved on. Then, the town won arcade, which was stupid on the council's part. Either you regulate the arcade immediately, or get the stupid books! Those kids are stupid! Taylor did all the dishes, which was interesting. She was allowed to play in the arcade afterwards. That random kid Jared snuck into the arcade and no one noticed; that was funny. Anyways, in the end, the arcade was locked and Sophia was named sheriff. Overall, entertaining episode.
  • The council finally gives in to the fun reward with disastrous results. We all knew this could and probably would happen, but then the kids had to do it for themselves.

    Taylor is showing her immaturity for most of the episode, no one tells me what to do. Well dear, in real life, there are your parents, your teachers, the government, the police, your bosses and sometimes your spouses that tell you what to do, and thinking that you will never have to listen to anyone is just about as silly as the one reviewer that trashes the show every week because he cannot see that while the kids are led in certain ways in the show, the kids do what they want and sometimes to the chagrin of the producers. I would bet that the producers would have not wanted the councils to wait until 8 days to go to let the kids self destruct. They would have expected this to happen much sooner and would have helped develop more story lines.
    They telegraphed the winner of the Gold Star, but they still think this is the council and Taylor show. The latest version of the council is the worst possible scenario, big bullying kids who care less about the rest of the kids.
    I like the show, it grows on you and Taylor you will be forever be infamous because of it. I hope you and your family do not have to move because of your actions.
  • Tailor is forbidden from enjoying the town's newest reward, an arcade. Hunter continues to work very hard and Zach tries to convince Tailor to change her ways. Sophia is appointed as the town's new sheriff.

    I thought this was a good episode. A lot of things happened. Hunter finally getting a gold star was cool. That makes 6 of the 11 gold stars handed out have gone to Green District Members. I hope that Zach wins the gold star next week because he has done a lot for the town and besides Blaine who was originally a Blue District member, no Yellow District member has won a gold star.
    In this episode Tailor finally did a lot of work, cleaning a lot of the dishes, but I am not sure that this will be a permanent change in her demeanor. I am curious what will happen in the season finale and whether the current council members will get cash prizes for being on the council. It is worth noting that all of the current council members have won gold stars.
  • This is great material for Social Scientists. The video arcade cripled the town and Taylor redeems herself.

    I have several shows to watch besides this one. This is a good thing to watch. The kids shoot galvanized nuts at balloons for a history challenge. They picked the arcade over the library. They justified it for only having 8 more days left and being able to buy books at the store. Taylor was banned from the center since she didn't follow through on the work. She redeemed herself by cleaning all of the dishes! The place was a ghost town until they decided to lock the arcade up until the work was done. This hints at what is going on in everyday life among the average American.
  • This week on Children of the Corn - Balloon, video games and screaming girls.

    Since Shrek Christmas was on ABC and there was nothing else on I watched more of this one than usual.

    There was ballons and slingshots and metal nuts - the filled a jar with leftover nuts - so they picked between books and video games. Since when did old west pioneers have video games? Absurd. Of course the video games led the kids to stop doing anything but playing games and shooting pool for cash. Not to mention the electricity to power them. Then some kid won a gold star and the mother seems suprised to learn her kid won - despite the fact there was a camera man a few feet away filming her. Doh! And whats up with the subtitles? Half of these kids are so inarticulate and mumble so much that you can barely make out what they are saying, so I guess thats the reason for the subtitles. Its like watching some really bad foreign film. And the squealing and high pitched screaming noises by the girls reminded me of the sci-fi film SCREAMERS where these robotic machines made a high pitched screaming sound before they sliced and diced people like a cuisinart on some war torn colony planet of the future. Some of them were shaped like kids carrying Teddy Bears which once reminded me of Kid Nation.

    They say this series is supposedly about kids building a society? Yet the the whole thing is semi scripted using some kind of fake journal written by writers and not original pioneers who settled the town. The claim the original town failed because of a "lack of education" is ludicrous. Back then people of the town were seedy characters and adults, not kids. The whole premise of the show was untrue as they claimed it was kids doing this on their own with adult supervision. Yeah right. Im sure at some point someone will write a tell all book about what REALLY went on with this show beyond things like kids chugging bleach.
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