Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 1

I'm Trying to Be a Leader Here

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2007 on CBS

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  • A good start.

    I read about this show and the first thing that came to my mind was "Lord of the Flies". I've read people saying this already, and making bad comparisons, but I thought it could be fun. And it was.

    Kids are always kids, and that's what I love about them. It's fun to see they trying to manage problems in kid's ways, and funnier see them playing around (the bandana fight at the end of the episode was awesome!).

    I watch this show not to see if they can build a good society being kids (and I really don't have this idea: kids are cruel, and your raw sincerity is not always good for human relationship. I watch this show because they're... kids. Oh, c'mon guys, don't you love to see them? :)
  • first episode...

    This episode was the first episode of Kid Nation and, I must say, it impressed me. Forty kids were thrown out in the middle of no where with four kid leaders. I really didn't like how the leaders were already chosen. Oh well, anyways, the kids had to cook, clean, sleep, and do everything to make their city work. Sophia was the hardest worker and got the gold star. I really thought it was funny how all of the kids were so mesmerized by the gold star. They were like "shiny..." Anyways, I also thought it was funny how the oldest kid was the most immature. I really don't like the red team leader; he's annoying. I also don't like the yellow team leader; how hard is it to clean dishes? Overall, it was a good start to the show. I have mixed feelings about the stores though. I think it defeats the purpose of the kids doing it on their own when they can buy a ton of pre-made stuff. However, I like the idea that they are managing their own stores. Hmmm...I'll see how it works out. Anyways, overall, good episode and I can't wait to see more.
  • Sort of the pilot.

    Kid Nation,
    First Episode,
    In the first episode of the season we are introduced to the show's rule and the kids.I quickley picked my favorites and hated kids.More on the lines some of the cousil kids.In the episode the jobs are choosen for each kid.Through a water challenge.When they were put into groups based on their age.I was a bit taken back by what the kids were put through.Maybe there should have been a lower number amount of kids maybe not.I found fun to watch the battles between each one.And to see that the kids will actually try.Just to win the $20,000
  • shocking....

    it was shocking that it wasnt that bad
    greg was shown as a bully and a rebel in a way
    the city council members were having a hard time trying to get the youngest kid to stay and the three oldest council members were having a hard time trying to make the little bueaty pageunt girl feel good and stay she did unlike the youngest boy
    in this eppy sophia got the gold star that is worth 20000 dollars and greg got jealous really wanting to step up his participation and the others also really wanted to step up there participation to
    it was a pretty good episode i gave it less credit i thought it would be horrible...
  • After all the press good and bad, it was time to see what all the talk was about. I think no matter what some people will find a way to complain. This show has a lot going for it.

    First the show starts and goes 40 minutes without a commercial. It shows the kids, trying to figure out how to survive, not Lord of the Flies type as they have plenty of food, a cook book, shelter, water and a wide variety of people to help, like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
    I thought the couple mile hauling of the carts was a bit much, but in a real survival situation they would have had to do a lot of searching for shelter, so this was a team bonding exercise.
    The one kid thought he pulled a muscle, but later the same day he was walking just fine, a little dehydration and a muscle spasm. And if he was really hurt there were plenty of adults and medical people right there for emergencies.
    I still am not sold on the show picking 4 leaders, or the 4 colors and jobs, will have to see how that plays out.
    As for learning how to cope, the kids did remarkably well, they are learning just how hard it is to make a meal, get water and other things that the people back then did to survive.
    I see a lot of good kids, and a few that need a good kick in the pants. The blue team bullies need a reality lesson, maybe they should burn off some of their energy doing work instead of tagging others bunk houses.
    There are some strong kids on this show, kids with great character that no matter what are going to be a success in life, and the combination of the age groups and different backgrounds was well thought out.
    I will definitely well thought out.
    I do take exception to people on this site that disagree with all reviews on a show without bothering to put up a review to show us where we may have been mistaken.
    Years ago I was told that before you make fun of another person or group of people you must be able to take being made fun of, so in that mind set, before you critique and trash a review, do one yourself.
  • Really not as bad as you think!

    Really the show is not as bad as you think it is. And that the kids are really overacheiving kids. And very smart as well. Well, so far, it really doesn't show why the controversy has made an impact. As these kids really want to try hard. And do adult stuff. Make their own laws, doing things on their own, separated into four teams. With the exception of host Jonathan Kersh, there are no adults around. The oldest kids just turned 15 while the youngest is 8 1/2 years old. That is the way that it should be from 8-15. You don't become a leader by appointing yourself. Rather you earn it but also be a team player as well!
  • drama

    this show is awesome...i loved it...all the kids are so different but i think it might be able to work...the first episode was kool...the kids were divided into districts and then they held a compeition to see what districts did what jobs.
    the red district were upperclass
    the blue district were the shop owners
    the yellow district were the cooks
    the green district were the laborers

    jimmy ended up leaving he was only 8 & a half and they rewarded sophia with the gold star which is worth 20,000 dollars.

    my favorite kid so far is Michael he was making speeches left and right trying to keep the kids motivated.

    my least favorite kid would have to be Mike he was so whiney...all he did was cry and cry.

    i'll definately be tuning in next week.
  • A great start to what will surely be a great show.

    The season premiere of Kid Nation was excellent. I was expecting it to be just okay, but it suprised me. I'm sure you know the premise... 40 kids must lead and rebuild a town... On their own. They are pioneers... They have to do their own cooking, cleaning, etc. There is a counsel of 4 people and they are each the head of one team... Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. (Sorry, White.) If you really want more plot details... WATCH THE SHOW!!! The kids get homesick, they fight, and they cry but they all pull together and form their own town. This episode centered on the four council leaders, a homesick boy who was thinking about going home, a boy that had a lot of sense and made good speeches, and an excellent cook who wanted to ride a bike. Once you see this you realize that anyone--even kids--can make a difference. Anyone can be a leader and anyone can get a gold star...