Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 10

Let Me Talk!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • A whole bunch of yelling.

    All that yelling was really annoying. The town got a whole new set of town councils and they are all boys. Green and the councils got into it. Taylor is getting lazy again. Laurel gets the gold star for whining and doing nothing really just like Mallory. Guylan and Anjay start to appreciate everything. Emilie eats all the pies while in the showdown like she is not getting fed at all. The kids of Bonanza won the showdown and the new council choose letters from home over ponies which I think made kids a whole lot more homesick. This wasn't all that great of an episode I hope the next episode is better. I give it a 6.8.
  • This week on Children of the Corn - Pies... lots of pies.

    Started off with some silly stunt involving moving pies around - one of the kids actually started eating them - Ick. Then there was more of the usually bickering, yelling and screaming. Its like watching a hidden camera version of kids in daycare. Then some kid won a gold star. The End.

    Its amazing that CBS can still find sponsors willing to hawk their wares on this show. The ratings are down in the low 4's as of this week. The only thing saving the show from cancellation is the continued writers strike. The indication of how this show stacks up is magnified by the ratings jump after its over with CSI and Criminal Minds getting ratings more than double that of KN.
  • good episode...

    The town has re-elections and the entire town council was replaced. Blaine for yellow, Greg for blue, Michael for Green, and DK for red. It was funny to see Guylan give up his positoion. Laurel is getting annoying because she still wants to be on the council. She's being rude to Micheal by saying, in front of him, that she was doing a good job ect. Taylor is becoming lazy again since her friend left. The new council is trying to get the town to respect each other. However, everyone is calling for Greg to change. Overall, good episode with tensions rising.
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