Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 9

Not Even Close to Fair

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • changing districts...

    I was so excited to see this episode, and it disappointed me a little. I knew they were changing districts, but they only moved like one person! Blaine was moved to yellow and Greg was immature about it. I liked how Blaine started getting credit for everything he did; he's a cool kid. Nathan moved to red and they were rude to him. Green stayed the same and Laurel is getting shot down for being arrogant. I'm happy that Blaine got the gold star, but Hunter really deserved it too. I hope he gets one next. I think he may not have gotten it just because he was in the green district. I can't wait for next week's elections. I'm pretty sure every council member will be unseated, except maybe Anjay just because I think enought people do not like Greg that they might keep Anjay on. Who knows.
  • great episode many explosions

    In this episode the teams were switched up a bit except green because Laurel was being her normal self-centered self. That caused a big explosion and also Emilie being switched to blue and Blaine switched to yellow set off a big bomb. In the showdown the kids were 160 pounds short of not winning the prize so Guylan said something about them not all trying there best they just put some rocks in to cross the finish line so they could all get upper class. Sophia had a cow about that and said a bad word that i shouldn't put on this that set off another bomb, some kids laughed and some got mad. Randi was crying in the middle of the night so Zack said something rude about there's always something kids are crying its really getting ridiculous. Greg came in to comfort her but it didn't really work because she still wanted to go home. Yellow now has the smallest team. Blaine was the gold star in this episode which was well deserved. At the end of this episode Johnathan Karsh announced that there were going to be re-elections and DK, Greg, Blaine and Micheal raised there hands that they wanted to run for council. Micheal got yelled at by the self-centered green council Laurel that he shouldn't run or he would pay. It was really a great episodes and as i said before it was an episode filled with explosions so i give it a 8.9.
  • This week on Children of the Corn - Rocks, lots of rocks.

    Caught the challenge this week which involved each team trying to collect 500 pounds of rocks. None do, the 2,000 pound goal was not met and there was no reward. It was like they purposely lost. They all come close but just short. Im wondering if CBS did this so the shows budget would be lower. Forcing kids to haul hundreds of pounds of rocks is hard labor - do the producers have rocks in their heads? Not even the adults on Survivor do stuff like that. No wonder child labor advocates protested this show.

    Then they broke up the teams, resulting alot of crying, screaming and arguing. Ok, this is no different from any other episode. Then one of the kids quit - despite the Indian kid saying it was Gods will they stay. Why do I keep checking in on this show? Mainly because Im amazed its still on the air with such low ratings. If there was no writers strike it probably wouldnt be as networks now are scrambling for material to fill their schedules.
  • This episode will be disagreed with by someone who does not even watch the show, but channel surfs and then watches a tv reviewer tell him what was good. I at least have an opinion that is based in actually watching the show.

    The shakeup of the teams was good, it helped some of the lesser known players get a chance to excel or get out of someone elses shadow.
    The showdown was tough, since I do not recall a time limit on the showdown, so if they really wanted the reward they could have easily carried more rocks.
    Red showed character, Blue could have definitely taken a lot more and so could have Yellow even with Taylor flapping her gums about not taking rocks, her attitude was let someone else do the work so I can be the upper class.
    The shake up of the teams helped a lot, and the changes were all for the good.
    Is this good TV, well, it is entertainment and better than the other shows on in it's time slot. Should they do it again, I say yes, but I feel it will not happen.