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  • please bring kid nation back

    since the show sopped i have not been my self , i felt really bad ,kid nation actually help me become a better person , because , i learnt a lot from that show how to do stuff by my stuff , when my parent are not there , i learnt how to cook , and do my laundry , please bring the show back , i have always wanted to be on that show , and i wish i will be on it one day if u bring the show back
  • Change the channel before i die

    Oh whew its over! and so is this awful show. "Hey i have a great idea for a show lets create a bad drama about kids having to deal with other kids in the middle of the desert" yeah the person that pitched that idea, shouldn't do anymore. Theres a reason why this show failed because it sucked. Everything about it sucked. I mean kids drinking root beer like alcohol i thought it was some kind of joke. Anyways i hope i never see this show again, unless i come back to burn it to the ground. I can't believe anyone watched this show.
  • As soon as I watch the rest I'll give it 10.

    Kid Nation was so awesome but it was in America and I live in Australia. So I thought why not suggest holding a Kid Nation in Australia. My dad liked the idea and said there are heaps of closed downs towns you could hold it in. So now I am suggesting this and if you like the idea agree and help me make it work. It could be recorded and put on Rollercoaster or something. If the idea is going to be a hit and work I would like to go in it. Please think about it people, it would be a great opportunity for kids in Australia and another opportunity to have a new Kid Nation!
  • Forty kids are given forty days free of adult supervision in an abandoned New Mexico town to build a new world. At the end of every episode, the kids have a town meeting. At the meeting the kids award one child a gold star worth $20,000.

    Kid Nation in my opinion was a great reality show about kids. The fact that the kids had to learn how to govern and take care of themselves was a great storyline for this show. I hear they are thinking of ending the series though. If they do end this series I will be sad because I really did love this show after I started watching the series. To any one who go looking for this wonderful reality show good luck at finding it where ever you go. I am glad I was able to watch this series when I could.
  • It was entertaining.

    Some people say that this show was bad. I think that it was actuall a decent show. Pretty original and very much a show for families. I have to say that Kid Nation is much better than some of the stupid reality shows today, especially on MTV. Normally, I would say that kids aren't the best source of entertainment for primetime, but this show was well done. I think that the show was great considering the ratings it brought in and its premise. It was a reality television show for kids and featuring kids. What do critics expect out of them? Thank you.
  • This was really good reality!

    Too bad this show only lasted one season. It was heartwarming, funny, original(ish) and had a lot of potential. I certainly will miss it! The challenges were very interesting. The host wasn't over used. The "town" was enjoyable to see. The kids were the best part of it tho. I am sure there were a lot of outtakes that would have been great for a laugh! I wish that CBS would have realized that they had a potential hit on their hands. This show was good in the same vein that The Amazing Race is good reality TV. Overall, I loved it!
  • Pretty much, Kid Nation is the best reality show ever. I don't like any other reality show. It shows kids are not infants until 18. We NEED more shows like this. All parents who think this show is "Child Abuse" might want to have their heads checked.

    Kid Nation... wow, where to start. It's, in my opinion, the best show ever. It has a purpose, a rarity in modern television. It is out there to prove just what kids can do, what they're capable of. Kids are pretty much the most underrated people in existence. I mean, it's discrimination. The same as being sexist, racist, or discriminating against someone for their religion. Kids, in modern culture, are mostly seen as a nuisance. Kids are generally not aloud to work. When they are, there's many, many rules as to "how" and "how long" they can. They are seen as unintelligent, or more so ignorant, and useless for any kind of actually benefit for society. I only wish that people would take the message Kid Nation sends more seriously. Proof that people don't care for their kids is that Kid nation received bad ratings, and is now canceled. There is a petition to sign to bring it back ( and there is a plan that kids on the Kid Nation message board are going to put into action. (
    I can only hope that maybe people will start to become more sensible as time goes on. Kid Nation was the best show of the year, and I see it as severely underrated. Spread the word of the petition, and sign it if you want Kid nation back. A show this powerful is something very rare, and should be revered... not canceled.
  • Great show, very original, and fun to watch.

    Kid Nation is a great show for all ages that I highly recommend. Once you watch it, you won't be able to wait for next week's episode. I really hope there's a new season! In this show, you'll see the struggles of independence as a child from well... adulthood. It's interesting to watch the obstacles and hardships the have to face. From being homesick to being bullied to refusing to even work, the kids in Kid Nation try to stay in an abandoned town in the middle of nowhere depending on themselves. In these 40 days, they must give each other jobs, set limitations, and even elect their own leaders. And what else could make this show better except a reward of $20,000 given at the end of every episode?
  • Kids Survivor!

    I wondered how long it would be before they got a kids reality TV show like survivor.
    It is a great experiment to watch even if there were really adults behind the scenes.
    Some of these kids have such attitudes and I loved their little personalities!
    ... but some of the kids annoyed the hell out of me!

    I hated how they wanted to mix up the teams and only moved a few kids. That didn't really serve much of a purpose in my opinion.

    I didn't think the prizes were very fair during the game and at the end of the show. I didn't think it was very even but I bet those kids loved the experience, I know I would have.
  • Hey... I'm just ur average teenage girl who loves Kid Nation. Kid Nation shows that kids can do things without adults. I would love to be apart of Kid Nation, it would please me the most to be able to participate in that show.

    I love Kid Nation.

    It is the best show.

    I hope that i can go on it.

    I think that i would be a really good person to be on Kid Nation, i could really change alot of things.

    I would definetly be able to show all the adults in the world that i am strong enough to be able to survive 40 days without my parents or any adults.

    I would love the experience to be able to be on Kid Nation, and i could go on for ages about why i would be good but i won't.

    Please contact me with more information on this if you know anything about it!!!!!!!!!! (Email Address- Dont pay any attention to my weird email address, (my sister made it).

    Thanks everybody,

  • Good show

    Kids must survive! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! You know what this means! Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya? It means that they finally made all of us TV watchers Survivor for a bunch of kids! Ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ha ha ha ha , sorry about my . Good, good, show. Entertaining. Watch it. Kid Nation is great, Kid Nation is entertaining. Kid Nation is funny. What more do you need?
  • Kid Nation is a great show. Hopefully, CBS will bring it back. The show really shows how kids my age and others get along. The show can teach kids to get along well. Or face the consquences.

    great show. Wouldn't it be interesting if Kid Nation 2 had two kids fall in love?? I think it would be pretty funny. Kid Nation brung together kids of all backgrounds and showed that the could get along. I belive that the show could be on top like Survivor and The Amazing Race.
    We just need to see more seasons. I hope the new season will come very soon. And I'm not the only one. The only thing is that the other kids who aren't major people on the show should be able to get a couple of interviews at least.
    LIVE ON KID NATIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is a review that is bagging the crap out of the people on the show.

    This show is good but my problem with it is the people on it there all F@gOTS and half of them need to grow some balls. I really liked graig i think his name is, the 15 year old guy.
    But after watching a few episodes he is a Fu@i*g F@gOT and has to much of a heart. That slutty ranger you gave the golden star to is a F*c#ing drama queen "I lost all my power so im going home to suck some fat cock she is a Bi*c* Well over all i like the show but. all the people on it grow some balls and stop being P*USS*'s. i rate the show 8.5 out of 10
  • This show is the best show of all time. i hope you bring the show back.

    My name is Emily Auger i am 11 years old and iam in love with this show!!!i hope you bring it back. if you bring it back i hope you will let me know because it is my dream!! one of the reasons i want to go one the show is because my parents are separated and the are always fighting and to get away for awhile. another reason is because me and mystep mom and me don't really get a long. i really hope you would get back to me my e-mail address is e-mail me at any time. i hope you really get back to me and i don't care how much ihave to pay to get on the show.this show has inspiared me in every way!!!
  • Doubt surrounded the show concerning how it would do in a prime time slot. I have to say, Kid Nation did much better than expected and might be the surprise hit of the year.

    Kid Nation is an interesting show to say the least. Stranding forty kids between the ages 8-15 in a ghost town, Bonanza City, South of Santa Fe, and asking them to make do without the aid of adults. It caught my attention, being the big kid that I am, but the bigger question was how it was going to catch the attention of the adult audience. Being a prime time show, I can imagine them having a hard time at first to get the viewers they needed, but this isn't about how they got viewers or not based on the age of the kids. Where Kid Nation succeeds is that it takes a look at the innocence of youth and seeing if that innocence can lead to a better world. Does Kid Nation prove it can be done? In a word, yes.

    CBS, the creators of probably the best three reality television shows: Amazing Race, Survivor, and Big Brother, do a fantastic job in presenting Kid Nation. Each episode is presented in pretty much the same fashion, with the slight exception of the beginning. A problem arises within Bonanza City which will then be up to the town council, a group of preselected kids (at the start at least), who will have to solve this problem by reading a journal. The first problem resulted in splitting the forty kids into four equal districts (or teams). These teams will then participate in challenges, once per episode, which will then determine what jobs each district will be tasked to do depending on what place they finish in. Also, I like this part, the districts are also working with each other as if they all finish the particular challenge within the time limit, then the town as a whole will be given a reward. These rewards, if the town wins it, is a choice between two things. While this may seem good fun, the challenges only take up about a third of each show. Another third of the time the cameras looking around the town and showing the various interactions between the kids. They do a good job here.

    Most of you are wondering, is that all? Well, no. The producers do a great job at giving the town council a lot to do. These usually result in other events, like worship or a talent show. But the main job a town council will have will be to choose who, out of the other town members, is to receive a real gold star worth $20K. These are awarded at the end of each episode. Along with the end, the kids are allowed to voice their opinions about how the town council is performing and whether or not any of them would like to leave. I do like the last part. It provides some rather sad moments.

    While most of Kid Nation does seem rather formulaic as it went on, the producers do throw a couple of curve balls at the kids. These are mainly the reelection periods. Probably the best part of the first season.

    The only real problem with the show would have to be that it's not for everyone. Yeah kids and families will love it, but for the majority of adults and college kids, they might want to look elsewhere. But, overall, Kid Nation is a well put together reality show that seems to do everything right.
  • The off season report on this years great season of Kid Nation, and the top stories.

    Here are the top 10 stories from a great season of Kid Nation:

    10. Early leadership from Michael on the green team- On the first 5 days of bonanza city, the town was having problems getting along. Michael helped settled them down, then he won the gold star.

    9. The chicken problems- There were two occurrences in which this happened pertained to Taylor, Leila, and Emilie in episodes 2 and 13.

    8. Early departures- Of the kids in bonanza city they came with 40 kids and left with 37. Randi, Jimmy, and Cody.

    7. The new sheriff in town- Sophia, on day 35 became in charge when the council left for a while to see Indians which turned out to be a success.

    6.The lowest point of Bonanza city- When the council asked for respect and played the "respect" game. The entire city was seperated and kids talked behind the back of the council leaders.

    5.The smartest boys in town- Alex,Nathan,and Jared were all very important to their teams, especially in the challenges that were about brains and not strength.

    4.The worst award choice, the arcade-the arcade distracted most of the kids and most did not do any work. The arcade was padlocked and then closed for good.

    3. The green district and the gold stars- the green district had the most people win gold stars. Laurel the council leader most of the time, did not give any of her pioneers in the swap of teams.

    2. The senior council- the 4 oldest boys of Bonanza, Michael,Greg, D.K,and Blaine became the council leaders after the younger leaders showed their youth. It wasn't easy for the leaders at the start, but resulted pretty nicely.

    1. The drama that is Taylor and Greg- These two pioneers where very different. Taylor shown laziness throughout her days as a leader and a regular pioneer. Taylor got into many arguments and rebelled in many ways, she was denied the arcade and other awards but worked her way back up. Greg had an up in front confrontation with Mike,left Zach in tears and swore and cursed at the town. Typical teenage stuff? Maybe. Greg did help his team win many upper classes and won the town many awards. 50,000$ winners: Migle, Morgan, and Sophia.

    Final score: B-
  • the show is to see if kids can bulid there on town without parents i love this show even if its a relity show its like it has chacters taylor is the lazy girl morgan is like a big sister to everyone greg is like the bad guy and good good fuy dk is lik

    is like a leader to everyone this show rock it provces that kids can ruin they are town the get gold stars witch is worth about 25,000 i love this show so much its rocks they get rewards sometimes they dont make the right choices but thats okay i love this show i wish i could be in part 2 i dont know why people hate this show so much its has a town counicl witch makes the big choices and the host is okay well i guess i must get 100 words so . i love this show! i love this show!
  • Hope to see the show again and how can my child apply?

    As a social worker I was very impressed with how smart and talented all the kids were. Especially Laurel who sang at the other kids request. This was one show that my whole family at all age levels enjoyed sitting down and watching together. I was touched by how well the kids handled situations and worked through adverse circumstances at times sometimes better than adults actually do in the real world. My daughter (13) definately wants to try out for the show and although we haven't figured out how just to applyfor her. we do hope you bring the show bacj next season. Sincerely, Cindy Miller
  • Bascially, it's like Lord of the flies, minus the epileptic kid, and the killing, plus the fires.

    Why, why must they make crappy reality shows, especially with kids? To those who say that the show is perfect, must either be teens themselves, or just stupid. The show is in no way perfect, or even close. If they do make another season of this pig slop, please, please let the kids try to kill each other. I enjoy how people say that this is a good show. The kids are learning? my dying behind. Those kids are just a bunch of brats that are the most pathetic children on the face of this earth. If my children acted like some of those kids, you know I'd discipline them, probably with corporal punishment. anyways, to those who say that this show rocks, please think about your answer.
  • KID NATION RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the best show ever does anyone known how to apply. If do plz write it. And if you Tome Form productions number plz write that down too

    It is the best show ever

    does anyone known how to apply. If do plz write it. And if you TomeForm productions number plz write that down too. It is totally amazing for kids. Wedensay was my favorite day of the week. with Greg, Taylor, Dk, Michael, Luarl, Blaine, it was trully awsome. Parents plz watch season 2. It will inspire your kids to make the world a better place. And show the way kids get through problems and crisis easy. no adults. no electronics. no communciation. Just kids. 40 Kids 40 days. Forgivness is right. Mak Gods world better place.
  • kid nation is about 40 kids who go into bandanza city a deserted town that the kids have to reastore

    I had to watch this show for my civics class and I loved it instenly! I havent been able to watch all the episodes but I have to say it was touching because the kids had to do this all on their own! The last episode "we've all dicided to go mad" was very touching how their were able to see their parents again was so touching I started to tear up and the extra gold stars were amazing I never expected that and they were worth 50 million dollars! The people who got them truly desevred them! the show was an awesome expirence 10/10!
  • My son and I watched this together and antisipated it coming on together as well. It was a show filled with values for our young children as well as entertaining, and showed ups and downs of life. GREAT SHOW!!! Hope it comes back.

    LOVED IT and so did my son. Hope to see it on the air again SOON.
    My son and I watched this together and antisipated it coming on together as well. It was a show filled with values for our young children as well as entertaining, and showed ups and downs of life. I suspect some things were editied out and if so they should have not been to have brought out more of the reality but none the less GREAT SHOW!!! Hope it comes back. I hope the kids that casted this will have the best opportunity possible to stay in contact.
  • Like Survivor but for kids!

    Kid Nation, has turned out to be not what i expected. Its actully a good show! I mean its like Survivor but for kids. Kid Nation is a amazing show. Its proves how kids, can Survive, with out Adults, on there own. Its amazing! I am just..amazed, because i thought this show would just quit..from the beginning, till the end of the season I had alot of Doubts about Kid Nation, I'm shocked that is was successful. Kid Nation shows Kids, that they can do whatever they think, they can be a Leader, or a Cook, everyone helps! I give Kid nation a..10
  • About forty kids that go forty days in a ghost town

    Have you ever wanted to watch a show where kids go somewhere alone then watch this show forty travel to bonanza a ghost town trying to make a city but the only help they have are themselves children from the age 8-15
    go a;one with no parents they are divided into groups and do activities witch determines what job you will get every 3 days they will be asked if they would like to go home the town councli aka the leaders choose who will be the gold star winner.On cbs every wed at 8:00 watch it very good show it teaches kids to be responceable
  • Survivor for kids.

    I thought I was gonna hate it but I saw I started liking it this is amazing kids doing anything they want. I may understand why some people don't like it cause they think kids should not be doing his stuff but it's not that bad. So overall I like it maybe not the best reality show I hardly like them anyways but this is quite good. I hope it doesn't end up like Pirate Master cause that was bad it ended being online this might as well I hope not. I give this a 7.7 for now I might give it a 8 later.
  • Kid Nation premiered tonight in Australia, and I thought it was awesome!

    This is a very original and cool show that premiered today in Australia. I really like the idea of it and the challenge in this episode. It is set out really well!

    I liked this show so much and I can't wait for next week's episode. This show is absolutely awesome!

    I highly recommend it to my friends and in fact, anyone, especially those who like reality shows, and I love reality.

    Sending forty kids to live on their own and survive and make a town is such a great idea. This is an outsanding show.

    If you ever have the opportunity, I suggest you watch this show!
  • This is a really good show!

    I love this show! Its so funny and we can relate to the people. The challenges are also always original. Also, Greg is not bad looking but he's not hot you guys. He is a jerk to everyone else and i dont like him. He's full of it. I think Sophia is the most hilarious person ever - shes awesome! And Zach is the cutest kid i've ever seen. He's my favorite. Someone give him the gold star! He really deserves it. I wish I could meet these kids. They are just awesome. I hope they keep making seasons of this show! I would definately give it an A+.
  • i just wanted to let greg know that he is really hot and i would do anything to be on the show just to see him every day

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  • I love Kid Nation. I'm a 15 year old kid who is opsessed with Kid Nation. Im no petefile or anything but I mean, GREAT SHOW.

    I love this show and I'm mad it's only on once a week. This has to be one of the greatest shows ever to be put on television. Although, from day 1 my favorite have been Blaine and Greg, I'm really starting to like Hunter...esp. after he won the gold star. Another boy of mine, Nathan, all the way man, all the way. O, and as much as everyone hates Taylor, I think shes hilarious. I can't wait until the last two episodes come, even though I'm afraid they'll cancell the show, but leave it on!!!! Be smart. Thanks
  • I've never seen anyshow like this before , and I must say i love it kinda ALOT ! If your ever coming into Washington PLEASE let us know , i will be signing up :) & by the way , blaine is a cauuutiie :)

    This show reallly inspires me that i need to do chores around the house cuz it's helpful for my family. I enjoyy it also cuz the challenges are TIOOOGHHT (: you have noo idea how fuun it would be to cast on this show. one of my favoooriitee parts about this show is that you can earn gold stars (: that'd be greaaat. haha. It looks like soo much fun. this show is what i want to be on. and if i do get selected to do it , i promise yoou i wont be like another tayllor. :D Thank you(: and just tell me when your loooking for people to go on this show from Washingtonn. =]
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