Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 8

Starved for Entertainment

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • the town is bored stiff

    at the beginning of this episode Sophia did another test on the town this time she lied down in the middle of the town and almost half of the town joined her
    the town council decides to have a talent show to get some fun into the town
    Greg and Blaine are there usual crazy selves they dress up as girls in the talent show, Olivia does a stand up comedy act and jasmine sings
    the council also decides to give the gold star to the best entertainer at the talent show and they decided that Kennedy was the best so she won the gold star
  • ok episode...

    Everyone is basically bored and the town council decides to throw a talent show. Greg and Blaine goofed off like usual and made fun of Shakespeare while Jared memorized an entire Shakespeare monologue. Man, that kid is crazy. He's like 11 and he's already into Shakespeare! Crazy! Anyways, one of the girls sang and she was great. Olivia did comedy and she was ok. I was hoping the entire time that they would not give her the gold star because she is such a butthole. Anyways, overall, good episode except for the whole story about the girl who was homesick. It was boring and she was annoying, and it's not the first time she said she wanted to leave. She just wants attention. Anyways, overall, ok episode.
  • Awesome!!!!!!!

    Wow, this was actually a good episode! Everyone was bored, and they were just lying around. Some people decided that Bonanza should have a talent show. There were a lot of funny talents, and we found out that Olivia is actually funny! The show down: they had to chew gum and stick it on a painting thing. I think green is upper-class, blue is the merchants, and I can't recall the rest. For the gold star, they decided to choose someone who was entertaining. They chose the girl who did the funny dance in the talent show. No one decided to go home.
  • This week on Children of the Corn...

    This week on Children of the Corn... Isaac and Malachi grab Linda Hamilton and tie her to a cross made out of cornstalks. :) Ok, not really, but it would have been better than what little I saw of this episode. I'll catch any important parts I missed courtesy of Joel McHale on THE SOUP.

    This week, it wasnt only the kids who were "Starved For Entertainment", it was the viewers too. I had enough of this episode when the game thing this week involved chewing up bubble gums balls and sticking them to some kind of map thingie. A real stomach turner. I did catch a bit of the talent show that resembled a junior version of the scene in "Escape From New York" where Kurt Russell runs into Ernest Borgnine and the prisoners are staging a talent show on the stage. Another lackluster Nielsen rating of 4.5? So why is KID NATION still on the air? Usually shows under 5 are axed. Writers union strike, most likely. Networks have not cancelled a show since it started as they have nothing to replace them with. So if the strike continues KID NATION will probably finish its 13 week run no matter how low the ratings go.
  • The kids are starting to shine,whether it is with some directing help or not, the kids are doing a good job. Now that the Taylor drama is past other kids are starting to bloom.

    There is someone who automatically disagrees with anything positive about this show. It may have been a reviewer who was watching it by channel surfing, but you cannot review something you have not seen. The kids are bored, I wonder how long it took for them. When the kids get together for the first time there is so much social interacting the kids do not have time to be bored. They are bonding with their groups and reaching out to others to make new friendships. They are exploring the town, and sharing whatever interesting things they find.
    Since most of them have some sort of job it took a while for the boredom to set in and it was probably overdue.
    The kids came up with the Talent Show on their own, and while it was not great, it was enough to keep them occupied, practicing and then doing the show. The one person who blew me away was not a contestant, but rather Sophia who was incredible with her singing. Divad keeps thinking that she is deserving of a gold star, in my opinion, she is not, and no one else thinks so either. The kids are the stars here, whether they are being directed or not, and yes they deserve their 5 minutes of fame.
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