Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 7

The Root of All Evil

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2007 on CBS

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  • This week on Children of the Corn... the root of all evil is... the Turnip.

    Didnt catch the shining moment live, but saw it on the clip shows. A kid sells some kind of "jewelry" and buys new clothes - dressing up like a circa 1970s pimp then circles one of the girls. He looked just like Huggy Bear from the original Starsky and Hutch - I kid you not. It was as disturbing as it was funny.

    The other part was kids, with a plot out of the failed summer series PIRATE MASTER, "finding" a conveniently located treasure chest full of nickels in a cave along with alot of bats and plenty of guano on the floor. (did CBS makes sure these were rabies free?). There was also alot of the usual screaming and arguing going - like watching Daycare TV.

    Because I got a laugh out of the Huggy Bear imitation I decided to give this one a 2.7.
  • The council see's bats in a cave

    This was the Halloween version of Kid Nation
    The council read the book and it had a map that told them to go to this cave. At this cave they found a box of a tons of buffalo coins. They decided to use the money to buy stuff at the store for the town so they could have some fun.
    This episode there was the usual competitor but i think this one had a bit more competition. Jared and Divad. Also the gold star nomination was too. Pharaoh, Divad, and Nathan were the people up for it, but Divad and Pharaoh were walking around campaigning for it unlike Nathan who was doing work and not asking for it so the council decided that Nathan should get the gold star.
    The showdown there were catapults, the districts had to catapult gold eggs and catch them in these big baskets, blue district basically got all the eggs which made them get the reward.
    I thought it was a pretty good episode so i gave it a 7.4
  • good episode....

    The town leaders search for gold and they find a couple of dollars in buffalo nickels. They decide to buy items for the entire town to use, which was a good idea. I was hoping they wouldn't be so stupid to give out the money. Anyways, they didn't. This episode had a lot to do with greed. Divad? was selling potatoes for money and another kid was selling necklaces. The girl selling the potatoes was really annoying. She acted like she was doing the hardest work and she wasn't. Oh well, I'm happy she didn't win the gold star. Nathan won it and I believe he deserved it more than Pharoah because he worked harder. Just because someone needs it more doesn't mean they should get it. Overall, another good episode.
  • One of the best episodes, well edited.

    This was one of the best, most interesting episodes. The theme, "root to all evil" money, is very central in Bonanza. People get desperat for money. The council finds a chest full off money, and have to make a hard decision. The line between who work for the benefit of the town and who work toward the golden star gets quite clear in this episode. The editing and the way the sceens are built up is quite good leading to the town hall meeting. And this is finally an episode where Taylor is not in the centre!! For you greg fans: I believe he really scored some major cool points :)
  • Finally an episode without all the Taylor drama.

    I liked this weeks entire episode. The kids worked fairly well together, and there was less drama. They are slowly getting settled down and with the change of job potential every few days, it is definitely not boring there. The council is doing a better job, but not doing what they should when someone takes their food and then sells it back.
    I was looking at the kids and some of them are wallflowers, they are just faces and do not seem to be part of the crew. I hope that next week with a talent contest that some unknown kid wows us and keeps us interested.