Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 2

To Kill or Not to Kill?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2007 on CBS

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  • To kill or not to kill is about for dinner the kids of Bonaza want to kill two chickens for dinner but animal lover Emily does not want them to kill the chickens.

    In the begining the town concil would read the journal and it said to kill live stock and the council agreed to kill tyhe chicken. Emily did not think they should kill chickens so she locked her self in the chicken coop till they said no but the concil talked to her and she let them kil the chickens. They would eat the chickens. I think Emily took handled the situation like a 2 year old because she was not mature and I thought they picked mature people to be on kid nation if that were so she would not be on show.
  • Greg is gonna kill chickens. Green team comes in last place again.

    I love Kid Nation this one of the best epeisodes that they ever made. I think it was awsome to watch Greg kill the chickens. It was cool to watch the chickens die, because of the reflex. Although I felt sorry for the green team because that was second time they became the labors. Even though now they are known as the gold team because Michel, Sophia, Morgan, and Kenady all won gold stars. I most deifently think people should watch this epeisode. Man I can not wait to watch the newest epeisode of Kid Nation. I am like in love with watching Kid Nation.
  • My 13 year old son watched the first two episodes with keen interest. He was totally hooked by the mix of personalities that more to offer than Simpsons & Family Guy with a bit of reality/history/survival mixed in. Great start!!

    The tasks that are before them are manageable and not life threatening. It's doubtful a major network would allow any harm to happen. The little dramas of the kids efforts to survive, deal with one another, to learn to work as a team were entertaining but educational. It can be an eye opener that kids can be that self-reliant and manage as well as they are!!. The reality of the efforts that it takes to live in such a harsh place was captivating by my son. It has more teachable moments to offer to "tweens" than most other shows that entertain him. (Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.) Applause all around for showing that drumsticks really don't come from KFC or the local supermarket. Where do I sign him up for the next season??
  • Taylor needs a reality lesson.

    Her whole attitude needs adjustment, she may get away with her attitude at home, but thinking that in the real world being a princess only gets you so far.
    I liked the episode but Taylor needs to be voted off the council and if possible made to work. Not wanting to get out of bed because it is cold when other people are counting on you to do your job is unfair to the rest of the kids.
    She is spoiled and needs to be sent to her room without dinner until she makes it for the other kids.
    I am sorry, but she is annoying and needs a reality check.
  • to kill the chicken or not to kill it....

    In this episode of Kid Nation the town debates over whether or not they should kill the chickens to eat or not. They decide to eat them, with a few people that are against the decision. The oldest kid does a lot of work in this episode hoping to get the gold star, but he doesn't. Michael gets the star and he deserves it. No one goes home. Blue is now the upper class. Overall, it was an interesting episode but it was a little stupid. A whole episode about chickens...ok...I also thought it was halarious how the yellow town leader does nothing. They should have a revolt. Anyways, overall, good episode and a little silly watching kids argue about chickens.
  • A revealing show in the series of Kid Nation. Was a chicken or more than one chicken killed? Did they win the challenge prize and if so did they pick the water slide or water spikets? Click to find out more...

    Kid Nation has been raising eyebrows nationwide creating quite a stir. So I checked the first episode out and found nothing really shocking... Then episode two came about. Supposably we are lead to believe (and I do for some reason) that they are practically foodless except for canned food and some rations, oh and the soda store, and general store that has food (I think?). So most of these children are learning the rigors of hard knocks life as they go through this expirence. Food is rationed off and we are shown that they have not had any protein in their diet for the past week (possibly more?). They were given a book to read supposably written by old settlers, in reality (no pun intended) it was written by the producers and writers of the show. This book explained that the old settlers staved off starvation and a bland diet without meat by using their chickens. Unfortunately these chickens are alive and one little girl is emotionally (I say she is unstable) attached to anything that breathes. We are told this is because she grew up with animals on a farm. Okay, chickens die on a farm, I think? So hence she should be okay with chicken as food... how does she think it ends up on her plate? I am a bit ahead of everything here. So these 39 children (one left last episode) debate what they should do, kill the chickens or two chickens or not. They vote to kill two live chickens. Unfortuantely unstable girl runs to "protect" the chickens. This doesn't work and we see roughly 15 or so children watch as the oldest child chops the head off of two chickens while one other child holds them still. This is where my problems arise. Is a 8 - 12 year old child old enough to emotionally process the killing of a live animal, plucking it, skinning it, and eating it. Apparently not because unstable girl runs off in tears as the head is chopped off of the first chicken. I think the show producers have sensationlized a show that teeters on taking advantage of children and their fame chasing parents. If this actually the case or not remains to be seen. I hope this ends up being a solid learning expirence for these children and they take away from it life lessons they could not have possibly learned in school. However after this disapointing, average show I am leaning toward 40 children being taken advantage of for money for a televison company. Again I hope this is not the case.

    This show does have redeeming qualities. Several children have shown themselves as cute, adorable, fun, loving, and ultimately what a child should end up being in a perfect world. The show does show the emotion ride these children are taking and showing positives for it. It also shows several children making mature decisions that we wouldn't expect them to make such as taking toilets instead of a tv as a reward.

    This episode did show the killing of chickens as mentioned above. The children unfortuantely did not win their reward so they did not get to choose between the ultimate water slide or water spickets that were designed not to freeze (their ONE water spiket did freeze earlier and we were shown three or four children maturely pouring hot water over it to unfreeze it). The yellow team is again the cooks, the green is again the labourers, red this time is the royalty, and blue took the jobs that red had which I think was shop keepers (I could be wrong about the job). Overall this was an average show that teetered on outragious, taking avantage of children and fame seeking parents and cute and adorable. What this show ultimately becomes is dependant on upcoming episodes but if this type of exploitation keeps taking place I will stop watching this show and boycott it based on my morals.

  • New food source actually not a bad episode.

    Considering the fact that they don't write the episodes ,besides each weekly competition they do on the show, then the episode was really good. I did think it was wierd that after one week the kids already broke down to killing some chickens. I used to camp a lot when I was younger and we ate canned food for a few weeks straight without fresh chicken or anything. I can't imagine how much these kids will break down by the end of the two months that go by before the end of the show. I just hope they don't resort to canibalism.
  • New food source? Was it SOYLENT GREEN?? Was it made out of PEOPLE??!!! Was Charleton Heston a special guest star? Sadly the answer is NO - just more kids arguing and acting - like children.

    From the 10 minutes of so of it I saw while channel surfing it was more of the same - kids arguing pouting or wandering around aimlessly, one kid threatened to hang up a girl and pull out her toe nails when she was caught messing with the chickens - that would hurt! OUCH!- stuff like that...

    The big event was the beheading of some chickens by a kid who reminded me of Jason Vorhees minus the hockey mask. After replaying this segment he actually looked like he was enjoying it. The chickens could have at least run around with their heads cut off for a little excitement. Kids chasing around a headless chicken would have at least added some comedy to this borefest.

    Oh yes, and they handed out another five pointed gold star that resembles the highest award given out by the Soviet Union before it collapsed.