Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 5

Viva La Revolucion!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on CBS

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  • This was a really quite interesting episode.. We are going to start seeing quite a differance now.

    The first I am going to talk about is the Election.. Laurel and Anjay are great leaders and the kids thought so too and they stayed as council members. Something which I really really did not like they way that Mike was voted off.. I have to agree with Mike that Guylan is not good as a leader..he is more of a follower. He might surprise me...Let's See! Taylor needed to be changed as a leader and that is what happened when she got challenged by Zach... He is a great little guy hehe.

    Regarding the posters that were done in the town for Taylor that kid should not have done that cause he was even pissing me off... If he wanted to put a point across he could have told the yellow district.. Communication is really important!

    Greg deserved the gold star this week.. He is a really great guy but when he does some mistakes they are a bit of big ones. He needs to give some good examples. It was really sweet how he helps the little kids...
  • Elections are going on in Bonanza city and some leaders get replaced a great episode.

    This episode was particularly my favorite because, changes were starting to happen in Bonanza City.Elections were starting and that meant some leaders are going to get replaced by another council member.I was happy to see that Taylor finally was kicked off the helm on the yellow team, she was definetly doing a horrible job, as she was replaced by Zach who has proved to be a great leader.On the red team
    I was shocked to see Mike get voted against by all of his red members ,I thought mike was doing a good job and cant wait to see new red leader Guylan lead the red district.
    I truly expected the blue district to vote against Anjay in favor of Olivia who hates Anjay why does she hate him so much? Laurel stayed as green district leader due to approval
    from all of her members.Greg got the gold star finally,a good ending to a very great episode of Kid Nation.
  • elections!

    This was a very entertaining episode. The town held elections and there was a lot of political tension and a lot of disrespect throughout. I though Olivia was a butthole because she kept trying to annoy Anjay and she just acted so witchy. I'm so happy that Taylor was voted out, but I don't think the other kid can do a better job. No one will listen to him. Oh well. I'm happy Laurel kept her place. I really don't think the new red leader will do well. He's a people pleaser, but it's going to get him in trouble. I am so happy that Greg finally got the star. He deserved it and he shouldn't be punished for the crap he did at the beginning. He's working hard, yes, mainly for the star, but that's the point. He needs the money for college. Overall, great episode and my favorite so far.
  • I loved this one!

    I really like this one a lot actually. It was much better than last week and they are getting better on the fact of "mis treating" the kids. It was really cool to see the kids pick the tooth brushes and not the BBQ. I personally don't know what I would have picked. I really like the fact that tailer is out of office becuase I never really liked her. I like Mike and I don't like the other kid very much. Judging by the next episodes title he wont be a good leader, either.

    OVERALL: I loved it =D. .
  • Elections!

    In this episode its election time in Bonanza city. Green nobody runs against Laural so Laural stays in the council position. Blue Olivia thinks she can do better than Anjay so she challenges and she loses, she only had 3 votes which would have been her, her sister and someone else. Olivia takes the loss pretty hard. Red the Guylan challenges Mike and gets all the votes except Mike of course and Mike's ego gets crushed. And in yellow Taylor is finally out! Zack ran against the wicked witch Taylor, barely (1 vote) Taylor's posters caused a big fight Markelle was ripping them up and smashing them with his pogo stick which made some girls cry.
    In the town show down it was only appropriate for it to be president related. The kids had to smash red, white and blue pinatas to get a president card then the council leader had to put them in order. They finished the shown down early so they got to choose between meet and dental supplies but the town council thought it would be better if they choose the dental supplies, that they could always kill another chicken if they needed to. The town council also decided that the $20,000 gold star should go to Greg.
    This was a good episode of Kid Nation a lot happened in this episode it was very revealing.
  • Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is dead, well not in power anymore.

    The election was interesting, with one running unapposed, one incumbent winning and two losing. They council will be changed, and hopefully for the good. Taylor sounded like the President talking about the Iraq war, full of excuses and promising to do better.
    When given the chance to do what the kids wanted or the politically correct thing, they decided to do something their parents would be proud of.
    I am so glad that Taylor is out of power, but the ranting and ravings shown in the preview show this young lady has no clue on how to interact with others. I hope that she is given a copy of this series and when she is a mother she can see just how not to raise a child.
    Taylor is so spoiled and really does not need this show to further humiliate herself, she will do that in spades in her lifetime, and to advertise it on national tv will only cause her more pain, but the only way to learn is by making mistakes, and boy is she making them.
    As always, someone disagrees with this review, but when your mind is made up that something is bad, the facts just seem to get in the way.
  • Taylor and Mike get taken out on the district voting.

    If the kids had toothpicks, I wouldn't blame them for taking the BBQ instead of the oral hygene items at all. I was very anxious to see this episode. They were choking me on the vote with Taylor and Zach. He won by one vote (good)! Morgan dominated Mike, who I didn't see as too bad. These kids were real sports AFTER it was said and done. I was surprised. Anjay's struggle drew my attention. I am sure he will be able to use this experience through his life. Those women can be a real serious challenge in life can't they?!