Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 13

We've All Decided to Go Mad!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • This episode is the season finale and there is only 2 or 3 days left and there are a lot of shockes including 50,0000 dolars gold stars.

    The episode has alot of suprises. The job board burns and so does the journal. Zach wins the last gold star winner and the kids of Bonaza are to set up a party and if they do it in 1 whole hour they win a huge reward. The kids of Bonaza did it in 1 hour and the reward was there parents. At the town hall metting 3 kids would win the 50,000 dollar gold star the gold star winers were Sophie, Migle, and Morgan. At the end they all had to say good bye and that was sad to me and that was kid nation.
  • Pretty good.

    This episode was the season finale, and it sucked cus we don't know for sure if they are going to do a second season and I want a second season. Mike woke up to the job board burning down but Johnathan said it wasn't a mistake, so the people behind the cameras must have done it. Most of the kids went crazy when it burned down like there was going to be no tomorrow. The $20,000 gold star was awarded early and the council decided to give it to Zack which I think it was a good choice. Then Johnathan announced that the town would immediately have a big showdown but for no jobs, just 3 gold stars worth $50,000 as a reward. The showdown the kids had to all work together for once, they all had to do 3 big task. I really didn't think that if the town lost the showdown they would get the gold stars, I still thought they would get them. The parents coming at the end was no big surprise I thought they might since they had to do all of that work. The kids and the parents all gathered in the town hall to give away the $50,000 gold stars, and the boys of the council gave all of the gold stars to girls which surprised me but also didn't. I thought they would have at least one boy. Morgan, Sophia and Migle were the $50,000 gold star winners. Even though Sophia and Morgan had already got the a $20,000 gold star they still got a $50,000 gold star which I don't think is to fair Morgan didn't do to much like Sophia did. And really CBS don't have enough money to pay the kids a little more money than $5,000, come on they did 40 days of around 8 hours of work, talk about a rip off!
  • finale!

    The kids spend their last three days in Bonanza. Zack is given the last $20,000 gold star and the town bands together to compete for three $50,000 gold stars. The kids' parents come to town and the kids are really happy. It was funny watching the parents react to Bonanza and it was also funny seeing the parents of all of our favorite kids. Migle, Sophia, and Morgan won the $50,000 gold stars. They all deserved them, but I really think Mike should have gotten one. Oh well. Many tears were shed when saying goodbye. Overall, great ending to a great season.
  • Contrary to the previous review this show has some merit. The children learned from their mistakes and for the most part had fun doing it. They had a once in a lifetime experience and will all benefit from it.

    The kids went a little crazy for a day without any responsibilities but then when they thought about it saw the error in their ways. Taking all the items from the general store and stealing the money is not what the show was all about.
    Bringing the parents to the finale was great. They got to see just what their kids were doing and some of them were shocked to see that they were sleeping on the floor and using out houses. I loved the one comment by the daughter about her mom, City Slicker.
    The parents got to see how the kids acted without someone telling them what to do every waking moment. The kids got a lot of life lessons from the experience and I am sure they did not do it for free. The winners of the gold stars, all of the, deserved it, and Sophia deserved winning two. She was a great beacon of light compared to the darkness of Taylor.
    What I found was interesting that there was almost no shots of Taylor and her mother or parents, I wonder why.
    Should they do it again, probably, will it be better, I doubt it.
  • Children of the Corn sputters to stop like an old Model T with a broken transmission.

    First Annual celebration? Sorry CBS, that was the first and only one of Bonzanzaville as the State of New Mexico strengthened its child labor laws after the series wrapped up production and they found out what REALLY went on there. With other states doing the same CBS will probably have to go to Borneo or Thailand.

    The kids cleaned up the town for the big final challenge; just in the nick of time of course (wink wink). Did anyone really think they would "lose" the challege and not be able to hand out the 3 gold stars? And was anyone at all "suprised" by the "big suprise" of parents arriving to cart the kids and their booty of gold home? Too bad they cant keep the gold stars as they need to sell them to get the cash. 60% of the kids ended up with only $5,000 for forty 16 hour days of hard labor and bleach drinking (they didnt show that, did they?). I suspect those 60% arent thrilled. All of a sudden at the last minute some kids legs go limp so the other have to carry him across the finish line? Yeah right. That was so staged it wasnt funny. The whole series demonstrates how to manipulate kids for profit. The series was billed as kids building a society free of adult interference. But from the opening episode with that "book" written by producers to make the kids do what the producers wanted to the "challenges" - it was clear the kids were not building a society. Who knows what went on off camera! Im sure there will be a tell-all book eventually. If they actually dumped these kids into the town with the original stock of supplies and NO adult supervision (as billed in the promos) half of them probably would have become seriously sick, injured or even died after 40 days. The KID NATION contract even absolved CBS of responsibility if kids contracted STD's, were injured or even KILLED! (the contract is on the user supplied news section if you want to read it)

    CBS should try and sell this show to Nickelodeon or some other kids network who will rework the show abide by child labor laws. These kids were clearly actors playing to the cameras under the guidance of producers and they should have been paid and treated as such. I would have rated this episode a 10 if the Marine tank from JERICHO Season 1 finale had flattened the town after the kids left. But that didnt happen so I had to rated it a 1.