Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 12

Where's Bonanza, Dude?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • No council but the sheriff things get a little crazy

    The town council boys read the journal and it tells them to go explore outside of Bonanza City. So they announce that to the town and head off leaving the town sheriff Sophia in charge of the whole town. The town isn't to happy about this also they think that the power will go straight to her head, but it also wasn't the smartest move of the council they should have left more people in charge not just Sophia.
    The council meets a group of Indians who are Pueblos.
    The town show down was won without the councils help. The kids had to haul big walls then form a house and for the reward it was all up to Sophia she had to choose from either a Kid Nation monument or an air balloon ride she choose the air balloon ride for the town which the council also didn't get to participate in they saw them in when they got back.
    I wasn't really happy in the sheriff's choice for the reward I mean really what is there really you can see up in balloons looking down at Bonanza City I think the monument would have meant more then the balloons ever would have meant.
    We finally saw the real Zack in this episode get emotional and cry to the town council for not taking him seriously.
    The $20,000 gold star winner in this episode was Alex a smart little 9 year old. The council finally stopped focusing on the strongest kids and more on the smartest the gold star was really between Alex and Jared.
    A pretty good episode so I will give it a 7.4.
  • With all the really bad TV out there, this average episode was still better than most of the junk the networks think we like. The council was gone, and no one missed them.

    I think the kids are learning each time we see them. I bet if they had another election, the whole council would be out of office, they know they elected poor leaders. Now, the good thing is while the council was out on their vision quest they left Sophia in charge and she did a very good job. She was the best on the council and obviously a person wise beyond her years. She saw the problems with the arcade from the start, she knew that while the arcade would let kids blow off steam, the kids will be kids and no work would get done.
    In my opinion she is the star of the whole series and the worst of the series is Taylor, a spoiled brat who needs a reality lesson.
    The balloon ride will live in their minds forever, they will probably still leave the monument there anyway. But this experience will forever change their lives and hopefully all for the better.
    I would love to see a reunion show in 10 years to see what has become of this kids, some of them will be superstars in life, and hopefully some will grow up.
  • good episode...

    The town council goes off to explore while Sophia is left in charge. The council is stupid. They should have either put the old council in charge or elected a new council quickly. One person should not be kept in charge, though she did a good job. The council found indians, which were no doubt placed there just for the show (but they were still real indians). The council decided to lock the arcade for good, which is stupid. Why not limit the use of it to an hour? Don't punish everyone because a few people want to spend time with each other. Overall, good episode with a lot of good drama.
  • The council meets with native americans, a new sherrif controls the town temporarily, a challenge with building a house and animals and a kid gets emotional. An alright episode.

    Not one of my favorite episode of Kid Nation, but with one more episode left everyone wants to know, is there going to be another season? Well lets not jump to conclusions. Alot of things occured in this weeks Kid Nation, Greg, Blaine, Michael and D.K went to see local native americans in which learned a good lession on life from them. Meanwhile, Sophia was the sherrif of Bonanza. Evveryone thought it was a bad idea but in the end worked out great. Zach was disrespected by Greg and for the first time actually lost his cool and cried, people forget, after all he is only ten years old.
    The challenge was a little corny with the houses and the animals(included chickens and an Alpaca). They win the balloon ride, a good choice. Alex, in the end won the star and in my opinion did a good job sticking the days out along with Mallory who both of them are nine. One week left hopefully a good one.
  • This week on Children of the Corn - Indians, Balloons and boy cries to get a gold star but fails going instead go to a kid spouting technobabble.

    4 kids go to see some Indians - fortunately Ward Churchill wasnt one of them. The Indians tell the kids stuff. Too bad they didnt invite Commander Chakotay of the USS Voyager to take the kids on an old fashioned vision quest using a sweat lodge and a peace pipe filled with peyote. The he could have teleported the kids to Voyagers brig and taken them to Delta Quadrant dropping them off on a Borg planet so the kids could become drones for the Borg Queen - tonights gold star winner would have thought that to be cool up until the point he was assimilated into the collective. ..........Getting back to the story, the kids move buildings around and win balloon rides over some monument. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! They are careful not the show the adults actually running the balloons to maintain the allusion the kids are doing everything. And what was up with the Alpacas? Tiny camel like animals native to South America and considered a delicacy by natives. The host calls them "pioneer stuff"??? Alpacas werent brought to the US until recently. Why use alpacas? Really odd animals to use - they tend to spit alot. The creepy beauty queen continues with her wishes of people ended up dead being eaten by coyotes. Lots of other pointless stuff happened but its not worth mentioning. Next week, this whole charade sputters to a close. Maybe they will reshoot the ending to have CIA agent Robert Hawkins flatten the sets using the Jericho tank since NM state official wont let them film there any more? Now that would be hilarious.
  • I am taking most of what soylentyellow is saying as sarcasm. He brings up some good points, that is if you don't enjoy a kid's point of view.

    This wasn't my favorite episode out of the series. The challenge was kind of dorky, but after seeing the bubblegum chewing contest, it wasn't real bad. Zach got emotionial which took me by surprise. I think he needed to get a grip and look at his peers to see he wasn't that bad off and it was really just one person, Greg who was his problem. Alex won the star and yes I believe he was getting the scraps. He is a positive person and hung in there. He was surprised to win which was charming. The balloon ride will be a long time memorable experience. I don't think the memorial would be as affective being out in some lonely, isolated place. Besides, these kids will be immortalized on a DVD.
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