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Kid Notorious

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Kid Notorious follows the adventures of big-time Hollywood producer Robert Evans. Always along for the ride are his ever-faithful butler, English, his sassy housekeeper, Tollie Mae, and his kitty cat, Puss Puss. Occasionally, former Guns 'N Roses guitarist, Slash, joins them on their adventures. Robert Evans has as many ex-wives as he does hit movies. But his talents go beyond movie producing--whether it's scaling the mountains of Nepal or toppling an evil dictator, he does it all without spilling a drop of his ever-present cosmopolitan. Everything in the Kid's life is a production. English, Evan's butler, now finds himself pouring cosmopolitans in Hollywood's most notorious house of havoc after serving years in the most distinguished homes of British royalty. Never without his white gloves and monocle, English will do whatever it takes to serve his beloved maestro. Crawl through a sewer to break Evans out of a mental institution? Lay down in front of an oncoming eighteen-wheeler? All in a day's work for this Oxford-educated manservant. Tollie Mae, Evan's housekeeper and cook, doesn't take crap from anybody. In fact, her catchphrase is "Not in my job description." She's the lone voice of reality in a house filled with Hollywood fantasy. And the only one who can tell Evans "what time it is." Her goal in life is to marry Denzel Washington. Puss Puss is Evans pet cat, confidante, and script doctor. Whenever in a jam, the Kid turns to Puss as his sounding board and number one problem solver. The cuddly Puss gets great pleasure from torturing English. The real-life home of Evans, Woodland, serves as the backdrop to all their escapades. Fun Fact: Whenever someone swears on the show, it is replaced by an audible [beep]. Yet, if you turn on the closed captioning, the swear word appears and not a [beep]. Theme Song Hey! Let's do it! Kid Notorious! Hey, get down, get down, When the Kid's in town. Kid Notorious! The Kid's so sly, That notorious guy. Kid Notorious: (spoken) You bet your ass I am. Comedy Central Broadcast History October 2003 - November 2003 --- Wednesday 10:30 pm November 2003 - December 2003 --- Tuesday 10:30 pmmoreless


Voice of Himself

Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash

Voice of Tollie Mae

Robert Evans

Robert Evans

Voice of Himself/Kid Notorious

Alan Selka

Alan Selka

Voice of English

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  • Great Satire

    Truly one of the best shows to come out of comedy central. I am not a fan of Robert Evans the person, but Kid Notorious moved him up a notch or two and proved that even a egomaniac can poke fun at himself. This show was funny from day one and never slacked a bit. Robert Evans and Slash poking fun at themselves was pure genius and Niecy Nash (Reno 911) was equally hillarious as Tollie Mae. I also loved the origanal look to the animations even if it had a paper doll kind of quality.

    In closing I'd just like to say: More episodes? Not no, Yes.moreless
  • Kid Notorious was the best show that Comedy Central ever canceled, And why cancel a good show when all the new shows they have suck?

    Kid Notorious was one of the best, if not the best animated show on Comedy Central. Every episode was great, never a dull moment. I was very suprised when I found out that they canceled the show. Now I love Comedy Central, but lately the new shows mostly suck! Don\'t get me wrong they still have some good ones, But Reno 911, Stella, even the Daily Show anymore. They are all so stupid I can\'t watch them, I change the channel, if these shows are all they can dream up you would certenly think that they would bring back a great program like Kid Notorious.

    Would\'nt you?moreless
  • Best show Comedy Central ever cancelled? You bet your...

    When the premise of the show was first revealed to me, I was a little skeptical. I mean, after all, how entertaining could the animated exploits of a 70+ film producer be? Then after I saw the show, I was hooked. Aside from Kid beng one of those classic characters, the supporting cast was awesome. You can never go wrong with a smartaleck cat, an English butler, a sassy black maid, a well-hung little person, and, well, Slash. Many of the shows on Comedy Central poked fun at Hollywood, but what made this one especially entertaining was the insider's point of view. It was a shame the show was prematurely cancelled.moreless

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