Kid Notorious

Season 1 Episode 1

Hip Hop to the Godfather

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 2003 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

It's just another day in the life of Robert Evans. Then, Sharon Stone calls up to say she's dropping out of his film to start a Broadway show called Sharon Stone's Vagina. Evans doesn't think she'll have a chance. Later, Evans gets arrested for crashing into a pilates studio and bribing an officer. In prison, he realizes the potential to revive The Godfather for Broadway, only now with a hip-hop twist starring L.A.'s Crips and Bloods. The backers for Evan's movie are furious now that Sharon Stone is out of the picture and demand their money back. He is able to convince them to stick with him while he brings The Godfather to the stage. They reluctantly agree. Evans vows to open the same night as Sharon Stone's show to drive her out of business. In New York, rehearsals are less that perfect as the Crips and Bloods keep feuding. Evans finally convinces them to cooperate. On opening night, the backers are furious to find that Evans has removed the Italian element from The Godfather and turned it into an all Black affair. They gun him down on the set, but the audience thinks it's part of the show and they go crazy. All is forgiven when they see the receipts and realize they made a fortune. And Evans is successful in shutting down Sharon Stone's play.