Kid Notorious

Season 1 Episode 1

Hip Hop to the Godfather

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 2003 on Comedy Central



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    • Sharon Stone: Aw, who am I kidding? My Vagina stinks.

    • Evans: Beaujolais? Honey butter? That's a $25 basket from Costco. That's an insult.
      English: Shall we retaliate by sending Ms. Stone one of those animals that bit off her husband's toe?
      Evans: No, no, no, no. I don't play that way. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna premiere The Hip Hop Godfather the same night Sharon Stone's Vagina opens. (chuckles) I'll close that thing once and for all!

    • Hobo: This is Robert Evans. He produced The Godfather-- One and two.
      25 Cent: Oh, yo. You better not have produced three.
      Evans: Three? I never get within a mile of that piece of shit.

    • Tollie Mae: That Morgan Freeman can come in here and bake my bread any day of the week, except for Sunday, 'cause y'all know that's Denzel's.

    • (Sharon Stone and Evans talk on the phone)
      Sharon: I've got a show I'm taking to Broadway. Ever heard of The Vagina Monologues?
      Evans: Well, I never quite got into the porno game, Sharon. Me? I don't like to commute to the valley.
      Sharon: It's theater, you dumb shit, and I'm doing all three parts myself. I'm calling it Sharon Stone's Vagina.
      (They hang up)
      Evans (V.O.): Bad news? You bet your ass it was. Someone put it into that starlet's head that she could act.
      Evans: (chuckles) Sharon Stone's Vagina. We've all seen it. It can't act, either.

    • Evans: Puss, I can say "Take my breath away" in 67 languages. Damn it, except for Dutch.

  • Notes

    • Before the credits roll are three outtake scenes for the final scene of the episode.

    • The piano piece Evans is playing while writing The Godfather Musical is Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."

    • The name of the malt liquor Puss Puss holds is called Old Selka. The real-life butler of Robert Evans is named Alan Selka, who also voices English.

    • The character of Fat Tony bares the same name as a popular recurring character on The Simpsons.

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