Kid Notorious

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Dec 16, 2003 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The Kid is in bed with twin sisters and Puss-Puss the cat. We quickly find out that English is the butler who's worked for Kid for 8 years. We also meet Tollie Mae, the maid. Kid's relaxation is interrupted by 2 CIA agents, who want to enlist Puss-Puss to participate in "Project Kitty, Part 2" an operation intent on saving the world. Puss-Puss is less than enthusiastic and runs and hides. While English is searching for Puss-Puss, the cat pushes a bowl off of a cabinet onto English's head. It then swings on a hanging light blinding English with "DAM" spray, ties English's shoelaces together tripping him and farts in his face. As it turns out, "Project Kitty Part 2" is an operation designed to assassinate Kim-Jong-IL, dictator of North Korea, who happens to be a cat lover. The assassination is to be accomplished with a bomb planted inside of Puss-Puss. Puss-Puss is then flown into North Korea and dropped near the Presidential Palace, where he is captured and taken to Kim-Jong-IL. Meanwhile, the big boyfriend of one of the twins has been stalking the Kid. The Kid and English discover the nature of Puss-Puss' mission and rush to save the cat, with the boyfriend in hot pursuit. They find Puss-Puss in time for the cat to fart the bomb out. Then the boyfriend grabs Kid, English and Puss-Puss just in time to avoid the bomb explosion. The episode ends with Puss-Puss dunking English in the pool by opening up the plexiglass bridge that has just been built across the pool.