Kid Notorious

Season 1 Episode 2

The F-You Soup

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 2003 on Comedy Central



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  • Quotes

    • Evans: Emeril, I've got a soup that's gonna make your palate think it's touched heaven, and you're the only person I'm showin' it to. Not Wolfgang.
      Emeril: Bam!
      Evans: Not the Iron Chef.
      Emeril: Bam!
      Evans: You're the only one.
      Emeril: Bam!
      Evans: Stop saying that, will you, you Bourbon Street nut?
      Emeril: Ah, sounds great. Can I taste it?
      Evans: You bet your ass you can. And remember, you're the only one.
      Emeril: Bam!
      Evans: Ah, no bam!

    • Evans (V.O.): One rule of being a Hollywood producer: Always do it on someone else's dime.

    • Stein: I want you off this lot. That's what I want. You've brought me nothing but trouble since the day I started here.
      Evans: What have I ever done to you, Stein?
      Stein: You ran me over in the parking lot.
      Evans: Accident.
      Stein: You went $15 million over budget on your last movie.
      Evans: Oh, accounting error.
      Stein: You slept with my wife.
      Evans: It was a threesome. Heh heh. Nobody slept.

    • Tenzing: I don't just want a part in the movie. I want the lead.
      Evans: Done.
      Tenzing: I won't do nudity.
      Evans: You got a small wee-wee, I understand.
      Tenzing: And I want the movie to be called (trills) Loo-Loo-Loo-Loo-Loo-Loo-Loo-Loo-Loo-Loo.
      Evans: That will look great on the side of a bus.

  • Notes

    • While Comedy Central listed the episode title as "The F-You Soup," several online television guides listed the title as "The F-U Soup."

  • Allusions

    • Raiders of the Lost Ark
      This episode has two allusions to Raiders of the Lost Ark. First, is the use of the red line following a airplane superimposed over a map, showing the route traveled by Evan and his cohorts. The second is the final scene where Evans is retrieving Stein's testicles. This is a direct parody of the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • The Godfather
      The poster for The Soup is a direct parody of the movie poster for The Godfather.