Kid Paddle

Saturday 3:00 PM on TELETOON Premiered Sep 01, 2003 Between Seasons


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    Kid Paddle is completely gross. It consists of immature humour and terrible plot lines. The animation is horrible, too. Many times the characters do things that cause gross events. All of these kids should be in a detention centre. Kid Paddle shows kids gross things and is a terrible influence on younger kids. It seems that all of the episodes revolve around the main characters doing something bad and trying not to get caught. I can't stand annoying kids. These kids annoy me because of how gross they are. I do not recommend this show to anyone in the world.
  • This show is great!

    Great episodes, humourous events and storylines, all episodes are worth your time, no episode is a waste, good characters that add humour to the series and all in all an excellent show. It's hard to stop watching it once you start. I'm surprised that not many people like this excellent show.
  • Could be better but, overall, a pretty decent show. Worth a watch.

    There's a fine line between reality and video games. Viewers will easily cross it once they fix their eyes on both Kid Paddle, the main character, and on this decent show with potential to excel as a series. All gamers will enjoy most of the episodes this series has to offer and all its viewers will easily love the catchy theme songs played at both the beginning and at the end of each episode.

    Although some episodes are, admittedly, lame and pointless, Kid Padle will have viewers wanting to watch the episodes presented within this decent series.