Kid Vs. Kat

Disney XD (ended 2011)



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Kid Vs. Kat
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Coop rivals with an evil new house cat named Kat.

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  • very cool action but isn't good for mornings and needs better graphics

    I watch this show on YTV at 8am every day :) but it kinda makes me tired somehow and the graphics I don't think is good upgrade to HD and I'll give a 10 for this fighting action stuff......
  • This show is AWFUL

    Set in Bootsvile, Alberta (Maine in the american version) where 10 year old Coop Burtonburger routinely battles his evil alien cat everyday. I hate this show mainly because the battles were pretty lames cat won every season 1 battle and coop won every season 2 battle. I also hate that his Dad never believe him. honestly Burt, don't you find it strange that you son started acting strange and started blowing up parts of your house the day a disgusting looking alien cat came.

    everyone in bootsville hates each other and the characters are awful.


    Coop: the only sane person on this show

    Dennis: the other only sane person on the show. He is kind of a weakling though.

    Fiona: female heroine added in season 2. great character.

    Burt: Coops idiot father who clearly hates both his kids

    Dennis dad: annoying Chinese stereotype who is always angry

    Millie: stupid, whiny crybaby who bitches until she gets what she wants. I HATE HER.

    Phoebe: such a useless character (no point of her)

    Lorene and Harley: why are they coop friends they are such assholes.

    Cat: I actually kind of like Cat

    this show is terrible and has the worst characters evermoreless
  • Okay

    The show was not the best animated show I have ever watched but still, I enjoyed hearing new episodes comming on Disney XD. This show felt original, exciting and had action. The show had characters that felt very developed but I found 45% of the plots too unintresting for me after I had watched it the first time. It was the only show I watched on Disney XD and I was kinda dissapointed to see the show get cancelled. The last episode did`nt feel enough like a proper finale.moreless
  • Best show

    Best show ever it deserves 10 stars for every viewer!!!
  • this was one of the best cartoons ever!

    Man this was one of my favorite cartoons in the world, I've been watching it sense day one and I really loved it BUT THEN! IT JUST HAD TO GET CANCELED DIDNT IT? I really hated disney XD when I heard it got canceled, i wish it could be revived. What I was hoping for in the next season was how fiona was going to get her memory back of Kat being an evil alien cat and if they were going to have a Fiona Vs. Phoebe episode? But like it said before i hope there is a revival of this show someway somehow.moreless

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