Kidd Video

NBC (ended 1986)


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Kidd Video

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One of the first Saturday Morning Cartoons inspired by the new MTV music channel, Kidd Video focused on a California teen band of four friends, Kidd, Carla, Whiz and Ash, and the adventures they have in an animated fantasy world called the Flipside, where the rules of physics and science don't exist and many are fans of their music.

One day, as the show's opening goes, they were practicing in the Storage Unit as they usually do, and then an animated man, The Master Blaster, appeared in the mirror and he transported the band to the flipside. He was intending to imprision them for all eternity as his musical slaves, but a fairy named Glitter, who for some strange reason, gets super strong when she sneezes, saved them from this awful fate.

Now, the band explores the Flipside and tries as hard as they can to get home, Whiz in particular, while avoiding Master Blaster and his cronies, the Copy Cats.


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Animation, Music