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Kidd Video

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One of the first Saturday Morning Cartoons inspired by the new MTV music channel, Kidd Video focused on a California teen band of four friends, Kidd, Carla, Whiz and Ash, and the adventures they have in an animated fantasy world called the Flipside, where the rules of physics and science don't exist and many are fans of their music.

One day, as the show's opening goes, they were practicing in the Storage Unit as they usually do, and then an animated man, The Master Blaster, appeared in the mirror and he transported the band to the flipside. He was intending to imprision them for all eternity as his musical slaves, but a fairy named Glitter, who for some strange reason, gets super strong when she sneezes, saved them from this awful fate.

Now, the band explores the Flipside and tries as hard as they can to get home, Whiz in particular, while avoiding Master Blaster and his cronies, the Copy Cats.

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  • Kidd Video Rocked Saturday morning TV!! The best show ever!! Bring it back!!

    I think Kidd Video was the best show on Saturday morning TV. The animation was totally creative for its time. The creators did a great job of coming up with great story ideas for the show. I loved the great use of 80's music by various artist in the show. The actors they chose for the voices fit the characters of the show perfectly. Kidd was the cool one. Whiz always got them out of a jam. Ash well he was always running away from something. Carla was getting into trouble. Tool bot always had the right tools. The copy cats thought the where smart but never got it right. Master blaster had the plan But Kidd always was smarter than him. Great show bring it back to Tv!!!moreless
  • One cool Saturday Morning Show

    "Kidd Video" is the right Saturday Morning Cartoon series for the right times. It's the first time an Saturday Morning Cartoon series is the inspration of MTV. I can remember seeing "Kidd Video" in the 1980's. It's one of a few cartoon show of the 1980's that I care about. I don't know whatever "Kidd video" is out on DVD, I would love to watch it again. it has music video and music from the 1980's. Kidd, Carla, Whiz and ash made up a band, goes over to the Flipside to battle the Master Blaster. This is a fun series.moreless
  • The first DIC series for NBC.

    I happen to like this series that combined animation with music videos (though Wolf Rock TV on ABC also had videos/cartoon, but was short lived). It's also the first show in assocation with Saban (who would also have I'm Telling with DIC & Power Rangers).

    It's nice to see Cousin Oliver all grown up. Loved the videos they had near the end of the show. My favorites included "Video Romeo", "You Better Run" (gotta love that double neck guitar Robbie Rist played) & "TLC".

    Whenever I think about TLC, a great parody for that tune would be "BLT" (A little B-L-T, for you & me. B-L-T, bacon lettuce & tomato).moreless

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