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Kiddy Grade

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The Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT) was created to maintain economic stability and peace throughout the galaxy, and it's the job of GOTT's famed ES (Encounter of Shadows) members to respond to challenges against the peace. Members Éclair and Lumière are ready for those challenges, but they'll have to face off against some of the most powerful foes the galaxy has to offer-and a few enemies they never expected. Character Bios Éclair: GOTT ES Member (G class), apparent age 16, and partner to Lumiere. Special ability: "Power". Éclair is the older out of her and her partner Lumière. Utilizing superhuman strength and speed and her "Rouge Whip" to defeat her enemies, Éclair is one of the most powerful members of GOTT. She likes to have a lot of fun in her work, often dressing up in different costumes on her missions. (Much to Lumière's dismay) Éclair also likes to surprise her enemies, usually calling out "Ta-da!" when she arrives. Although Éclair is the more hot-headed member, willing to get her hands dirty and head into a fight without hesitation, she is also a very kind and caring person, willing to help friend and stranger alike. However, this gets her into trouble later in the story. Her abilities can be hard to control, which causes problems in day-to-day life so she uses a self-hypnotic suggestion to restrict her powers. This restriction is released by the act of putting on lipstick, although she has been known to substitute her own blood in extreme circumstances. Lumière: GOTT ES Member (C/G class), apparent age 10, and partner to Éclair. C-Class ability: "Puppet", G-Class ability: "Particle". Although Lumière is much younger than her partner, she is the more mature and level-headed person of the duo. Unlike Éclair, she relies more on logic and planning to get ahead and often scolds Éclair in a motherly manner to be "more elegant" in her work. Lumière also enjoys a lot of the finer things in life such as wine, opera, and the arts. She uses the "puppet" ability to hack into and control many different kinds of computers and machinery. Although Lumiere operates more on logic than emotion, she cares deeply for her partner Éclair. Eclipse: Executive Chief of the GOTT Head Office, Aineias. Eclipse is the head chief of GOTT, mostly sending the different ES Members on their missions. She is very intelligent, level-headed and calm in her duties, and is admired by Éclair. However, she never really speaks her mind or shows emotion. Quite often, she is forced to carry out the harshest orders in her work. Although she is in charge of GOTT, the higher powers often keep her under their thumb. Mercredi: apparent age 13, Private Secretary to Eclipse. Mercredi can be considered to be Eclipse's "right-hand girl". She is her trusted and reliable secretary, and excels in much of her work. She is extremely talented and data gathering and her abilities almost rival a computer. The job also gives her time to hang out with a lot of the ES Members and she's a friend of Éclair and Lumiere. Mercredi also excels at making tea, and usually fixes a batch for Éclair and Lumiere before each of their missions. Armbrust: apparent age 20, GU Inspector. Armbrust is an Inspector and Auditor for the Global Union who is sent to observe Éclair and Lumiere in each of their missions. Armbrust is calm and collected, although a bit on the shady side too. A veritable ladies' man, he often flirts with the ladies (and sometimes with Éclair). However, he is never seen without his mysterious briefcase, which seems to have its own powers. Despite his efforts and good intentions, Armbrust is often the target of Éclair’s distrust. Mis-translated as Armblast for the English dub, an error that was caught too late to be corrected although it is spelt correctly in the English subtitled version. Alv: GOTT ES Member (S Class), apparent age 20, partner to Dvergr. Special abilities: "Absorb" and "Reflex". While she is older than the other ES Members, Alv's abilities is said to be second in her ranking among the ES Force. She has the ability to absorb any type of energy along with her partner Dvergr. Often emotionally unstable and at odds with her fellow ES Members, Alv usually finds the harshest methods of completing her missions. Her loyalty with GOTT seems rather questionable also. Out of all the ES Members, Alv isn't a person to turn your back on. Dvergr: GOTT ES Member (S Class), apparent age 19, partner to and mother of Alv. Special abilities: "Absorb" and "Reflex". Dvergr is Alv's partner. She also has the "absorb" ability, but when put together with Alv, they create feedback similar to a microphone and cause everything in their area to stop. Most of the time, she is silent and usually obeys Alv's orders with no objection at all. She seems to have no will of her own, and her partnership with Alv seems to represent something other than friendship and trust. Tweedledee: GOTT ES Member (S Class), apparent age 16, partner and twin of Tweedledum. Special ability: "Strom" (German, river, or in this case "Electricity"), joint ability: "Windstoß" (German, gust of wind). The sister of her partner Tweedledum, Tweedledee has a fierce and commanding presence, (especially with her brother) and values loyalty above all else. She is an "S Class" ES member rivaling Alv and Dvergr. Tweedledee has the ability to control electricity and can create an effect similar to Lumiere's power. She often scolds her brother for calling her "sister" during their work. Tweedledee also has a strong sense of pride. While she doesn't agree with Eclipse's secretive nature towards the ES Members, she still trusts her. She also seems to have a deep bond with Lumiere, probably because of their similar abilities. Tweedledum: GOTT ES Member (S Class), apparent age 16, partner and twin of Tweedledee. Special ability: "Magnetfeld" (German, magnetic field), joint ability: "Windstoß" (German, gust of wind). The brother and partner of Tweedledee, Tweedledum is fiercely loyal to his sister. However, he isn't really sociable with anyone else other than her either. Although he doesn't mean to offend, Tweedledum doesn't really show interest in anyone else other than her. Tweedledum has the ability to control the magnetic fields around him, combining with Tweedledee to create a powerful gravitational force. Because of their extremely strong bond, Tweedledum seems jealous when his sister shows interest in Lumiere. The rest of the cast (Sinistra, Dextera, Alv, Éclair/Lumiere clones, Dvergr, Viola, Cesario, Lumiere and Éclair (second forms). Viola: GOTT ES Member (C Class), apparent age 9, partner to Cesario. Special ability: "Calamity". The youngest member of the ES Force, Viola is one of the more precocious members. She also seems to be the main voice of her partnership with Cesario. She often gives the other ES Members nicknames. Viola is also a "C Class" member, although a bit above Éclair and Lumiere's rank. Her power "Calamity", which allows her to alter matter at the molecular level, requires a great deal of energy which is supplied by Cesario's ability so can only be used when she is in physical contact with him. Viola is also often seen with a cute stuffed animal named Dragon Papi. Cesario: GOTT ES Member (C Class), apparent age 18, partner to Viola. Special ability: "Driver". Cesario is the older partner of Viola. He is seen to be a mostly silent person, almost never speaking out loud. Instead, he is usually seen communicating to Viola by whispering in her ear. Cesario seems to prefer communicating with body language instead of voice. He is often an indecisive person, usually on the losing side of his arguments with Viola. His power, "Driver", has no use on its own but when in contact with Viola, it serves as a source of energy for her ability. Un-ou: GOTT ES Member (S Class), apparent age 14, partner to A-ou. Special ability: "Amazing". A mostly cynical and impulsive person, Un-ou enjoys the danger that comes with his job. He and A-ou were formerly mercenaries who were constantly at odds with Éclair and Lumiere. Hardened by his past as a mercenary, Un-ou doesn't seem to agree with the values held by the GOTT, but merely as an outlet from their past rivalries with Éclair and Lumiere. His relationship with Éclair is especially competitive. Un-ou's "Amazing" ability allows him to listen to the various life energies which allow them to track down their enemies. A-ou: GOTT ES Member (S Class), apparent age 19, partner to Un-ou. Special ability: "Amplifier". The older and more stoic member of the Duo, A-ou (unlike his partner) has a stronger sense of honor and justice. He is also more of a pacifist and he often speaks in a profound and meaningful manner, giving him a rather preachy presence among other people. He and Un-ou have has a long and eventful past together during their days as mercenaries. However, despite their differences, the two have forged a strong bond as a team. "Amplifier" gives him the ability to improve his visual perception ten-fold. He also uses the energy seen by Un-ou to increase the power of his physical attacks. Sinistra: GOTT ES Member (S Class), apparent age 18, partner to Dextra. Special ability: "Whenever". Among this handsome duo of ES Members, Sinistra appears to be the silent type, but he's really a sociable person. He is also very chivalrous. Whenever he's in battle, he is calm, collected and fearless. Dextera: GOTT ES Member (S Class), partner to Sinistra. Special ability: "Anywhere". Dextera has a reputation for being the victor of numerous battles in the past. He also has strong leadership characteristics. The right hand man of Eclipse, he has a long period of respect among the GOTT. The abilities of both him and Sinistra seem to be a mystery. However, both have plenty of strength and speed. Liquide "Liquiy" Cole: Receptionist, GOTT Head Office, Aineias. Liquiy is a GOTT receptionist who works (and is friends with) Éclair and Lumiere at the front gate of GOTT Headquarters. She often hangs out with Éclair outside of work and is there for her whenever she needs help. Bonita Gerall: Receptionist, GOTT Head Office, Aineias. Another GOTT receptionist who works with Liquiy, Éclair and Lumiere. Caprice: Waitress at Fleur's Café, Aineias. A friend of Éclair who works as a waitress at Fleur's Cafe. Not seen very often during the series, but it's implied that they've also had a long friendship. Padushka: GOTT SO-Member, Aineias. Another friend of Éclair and an SO member of GOTT. Mrs. Padushka retires from the GOTT in order to devote her time to family life with her husband, Gluck. She also gave birth to a baby girl, which she names after Éclair. However, she never learned about Éclair being an ES member until she left GOTT. Chevalier D'Autriche: Secretary General of the GOTT and head of the GU Economic Dept Despite the fact that he's a Nouvlesse, Chevalier is a key figure to Éclair’s past and her forgotten former lives. In his lifetime, he has never forgotten Éclair and is always willing to help her. He worked his way up to his current position all for Éclair’s sake. (It is revealed late in the show that Chevalier is Éclair’s adopted son. Theme Songs: Opening: "Mirai no Kioku [Memories of the Future]" by YUKA Ending: "Future" by Little Vikingmoreless
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  • Another anime to add to my fav's collection!

    Ok, I have only seen two trailers for Kiddy Grade, but it looked pretty cool. lol, I havent even seen any episodes! lol, It looked pretty awesome with the action and how the girls kick ass, lol, and how they have powers. The trailers that i seen looked good how it showed each partners and bits of fights. lol, how the people were drawn were good and I might start watching it if I have the time... another anime to add to my fav's collection! Mainly, i love anime with a good storyline, and Kiddy Grade seemed like it has a good one! x :)moreless
  • A show with potential, and that's saying something.

    Many anime series aimed for children, even older children, are slight at best. Sad to say, but the reality is that they are deliberately made to have little in the way of story and coherence.

    Not this one. I liked the depth of the story and the way the young characters reacted to their problems with intelligence and courage. There wasn't any squealing or playing tag. It was exciting and reminded me a little bit of "G Force." It's one thing to write a show that has kids in it. Quite another, to actually give them something to do. Yes, it's another spaceship saga, but at least the dialogue won't give you cavities.moreless
  • A forgotten past, unbelievable strength, and a partner who won't give up on you. This is Kiddy Grade.

    This show is unbelievable! The characters are a bit hard to grasp in the beginning but once you have a hold on them you will not want to let them go! Éclair and Lumiere are two of the hottest women in the galaxy in my opinion anyways. Beyond their looks the two poses unbelievable abilities with an intellect to match. This is good since throughout this first season these two have to face staggering odds, both, to fulfill their missions and to stay alive later. It is shown that the two cannot live without the other, in a manner of speaking; they have a friendship that has crossed into a sisterly love that only they share for each other. I am a big ending fan, the ending has to wrap the story up well, show me that the characters truly cared for each other, and lastly show me that these characters will continue to live on even if it is only in my imagination. So overall this is a very well done anime with great animation, music and character development. Take a look. One of the best things that I have heard as of late is that they are coming out with a Kiddy Grade 2 in the near future.moreless
  • Underappreciated.

    Good animation quality, nice story, very detailed script. I liked the technology a lot, since it is different from what we have now only by its scope, power and simplicity of use. Also, the typical feudal future as seen in a lot of SF writings, seems logical to me, since democracy is only the child of overpopulation.

    But it does have its weak points. The Japanese/English soundtrack that makes no sense no matter how you translate it, the silly girlish clothes and behaviours applied to seemingly very old and powerful creatures, the heroic theme (the main characters escape from ridiculously dangerous situations by frowning a little, while "normal" ships and people are destroyed instantly).

    All in all, though, it was a nice series, it made me watch it from start to end. It does borrow from a lot of successful animes, but it does it in an almost original way. Also, if they would have made it more serious, people would have accused the makers of copying Ghost in the Shell. Man, I miss that series.moreless
  • A really good anime Series but they {NEED} To make another {SEASON}!!!

    Like i said it's a good anime series but they need to make a season 2 and then a SEASON 3 becuase there were still some questions unanwsewad... all in all they really need to make another season to clear thing up from season one cause for one thing what the hell happend to eclair's DARKSIDE she just went "Poof" ? all in all this is a good show to watch if ya like action,some comedy,cute girls,small amouts of fanservice,gunz,crazy and odd powers,space ship battle's,character's with peranalaT DISorders,and of "CHAOS",and a DISturbing amout of Confusion {At the Start of the series} anyway's 9/10 i'd say but it would have got a 10 {IF} they made a {2nd} Season...moreless

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