Kiddy Grade

(ended 2003)


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  • Another anime to add to my fav's collection!

    Ok, I have only seen two trailers for Kiddy Grade, but it looked pretty cool. lol, I havent even seen any episodes! lol, It looked pretty awesome with the action and how the girls kick ass, lol, and how they have powers. The trailers that i seen looked good how it showed each partners and bits of fights. lol, how the people were drawn were good and I might start watching it if I have the time... another anime to add to my fav's collection! Mainly, i love anime with a good storyline, and Kiddy Grade seemed like it has a good one! x :)
  • A show with potential, and that's saying something.

    Many anime series aimed for children, even older children, are slight at best. Sad to say, but the reality is that they are deliberately made to have little in the way of story and coherence.

    Not this one. I liked the depth of the story and the way the young characters reacted to their problems with intelligence and courage. There wasn't any squealing or playing tag. It was exciting and reminded me a little bit of "G Force." It's one thing to write a show that has kids in it. Quite another, to actually give them something to do. Yes, it's another spaceship saga, but at least the dialogue won't give you cavities.
  • A forgotten past, unbelievable strength, and a partner who won't give up on you. This is Kiddy Grade.

    This show is unbelievable! The characters are a bit hard to grasp in the beginning but once you have a hold on them you will not want to let them go! Éclair and Lumiere are two of the hottest women in the galaxy in my opinion anyways. Beyond their looks the two poses unbelievable abilities with an intellect to match. This is good since throughout this first season these two have to face staggering odds, both, to fulfill their missions and to stay alive later. It is shown that the two cannot live without the other, in a manner of speaking; they have a friendship that has crossed into a sisterly love that only they share for each other. I am a big ending fan, the ending has to wrap the story up well, show me that the characters truly cared for each other, and lastly show me that these characters will continue to live on even if it is only in my imagination. So overall this is a very well done anime with great animation, music and character development. Take a look. One of the best things that I have heard as of late is that they are coming out with a Kiddy Grade 2 in the near future.
  • Underappreciated.

    Good animation quality, nice story, very detailed script. I liked the technology a lot, since it is different from what we have now only by its scope, power and simplicity of use. Also, the typical feudal future as seen in a lot of SF writings, seems logical to me, since democracy is only the child of overpopulation.

    But it does have its weak points. The Japanese/English soundtrack that makes no sense no matter how you translate it, the silly girlish clothes and behaviours applied to seemingly very old and powerful creatures, the heroic theme (the main characters escape from ridiculously dangerous situations by frowning a little, while "normal" ships and people are destroyed instantly).

    All in all, though, it was a nice series, it made me watch it from start to end. It does borrow from a lot of successful animes, but it does it in an almost original way. Also, if they would have made it more serious, people would have accused the makers of copying Ghost in the Shell. Man, I miss that series.
  • A really good anime Series but they {NEED} To make another {SEASON}!!!

    Like i said it's a good anime series but they need to make a season 2 and then a SEASON 3 becuase there were still some questions unanwsewad... all in all they really need to make another season to clear thing up from season one cause for one thing what the hell happend to eclair's DARKSIDE she just went "Poof" ? all in all this is a good show to watch if ya like action,some comedy,cute girls,small amouts of fanservice,gunz,crazy and odd powers,space ship battle's,character's with peranalaT DISorders,and of "CHAOS",and a DISturbing amout of Confusion {At the Start of the series} anyway's 9/10 i'd say but it would have got a 10 {IF} they made a {2nd} Season...
  • Eclair and Lumiere, 2 girls that have lived a very long life, a tale of their adventures, and experiences, and of course hardships that they have come accross and overcome, with stunning and beautiful animation, it will surely keep you at your seat

    Come on lets go, theres no looking back now

    i just happened to come accross the series as it was aquired by funimation

    Basically Eclair and Lumiere are the main characters, that have lived a very long life, infact Eclair has chosen to have a past memorys surpresed because she can not handle what she has done, or should i say cant except it at this present date, Eclair has lived many a life, and so has Lumiere, moving from body to body, each time not knowing, not realising what she may of done in her past life, and the events that surround her

    as any anime starts, Eclair and Lumiere, are on good terms with the place they work at, going on missions, doing what they do best, but as anime goes, things just arent that simple

    intricat plots start to unfold, new faces start to appear, Eclair is faced with choices, what choices she makes will have a huge effect on not only herself, but for her partner Lumiere
    her workplace the G.O.T.T is comprised of various ES units which are ranked on ability, these agents are sent on missions by the Chief, of whoms name is Eclipse

    without giving any of the plot away with this review, i will say that the animation is great for its time, and is made by one of the best Japanese studios around, i reccomend you watch the series

    and to correct another reviewer who said this series was slow, well it isnt, it sets up the plot and the time for every character involved, building up the suspense, until it cant take anymore, and explodes, with massive amounts of fun and story pouring out each episode that will make you want to watch more, and be clued to your seat
  • Funny, cool, and very sexy ^_^

    An action packed anime with two girls as the main characters. What more could a guy ask for? Girls might not like this, considering there's a panty shot of the main character in almost every episode. But if you don't care about sexual appeal, and like anime to its fullest action, then I suggest you try this one out.
  • Kiddy Grade, kinda slow in the beggining. Don't really know whats going on until half the series is over. Although, it has great action. It's actually pretty cool to see girl robots beat eachother up. I bought the series, and payed $90 for a figure so sug

    Kiddy Grade, kinda slow in the beggining. Don't really know whats going on until half the series is over. Although, it has great action. It's actually pretty cool to see girl robots beat eachother up. I bought the series, and payed $90 for a figure so I suggest looking into it.