Kiddy Grade - Season 1

(ended 2003)


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  • As Time Goes By
    As Time Goes By
    Episode 24
    Lumiere executes her ultimate G-CIass power called Particle which restores herself, Éclair, and Donnerschlag, Alv makes a last desperate attempt to fight the girls. Dvergr reveals Alv's critical weakness, and the ES members go for an all-out assault in the big finale.
  • Annihilation/Zero
    Episode 23
    As a result of being absorbed into the Deucalion, Alv becomes the Deucalion itself! She attacks Éclair and Lumiere, and then goes to do a warp jump to attack "the planet of original sin" which turns out to be the Earth! Éclair and Lumiere try to escape but get caught by Alv in the chamber and get absorbed! Eclipse and the ES members team up to fight Deucalion with all their might. Could this be the end?moreless
  • Demolition/Titan
    Episode 22
    With a simple twist of the key, Chevalier has activated the Deucalion and he makes his escape with the Atlas-cIass ship. Alv and Dvergr manage to find him. Alv intends to take over Deucalion to get her personal revenge against the Nouvlesse and the GOTT, but Chevalier refuses. Alv manages to injure Chevalier and Dvergr, but Chevalier has trapped Alv in a chamber that converts matter to energy. Chevalier sends a distress call to Éclair, who arrives with Lumiere. With the whole galaxy watching, Chevalier discloses his relation to Éclair and his true motives.moreless
  • Nouvlesse/Ark
    Episode 21
    The Galactic Union prepares to celebrate the completion of the mega-space ship Deucalion, which is also known as the ark. During this time, the council decides to remove GOTT Secretary Chevalier D'Autriche from his executive position. Eclipse informs Armburst of a possible conspiracy move by Chevalier. Meanwhile Éclair tries to get Lumiere in a good mood when they encounter Mercredi making a return visit. Meanwhile, Chevalier indeed makes his move.moreless
  • Lost/Days
    Episode 20
    clair returns to her normal life as a receptionist at the GOTT. She tries to deal with her new body and her past, now that she has regained memories of her previous incarnations. Lumiere, however, is having a much more difficult time as she collapses during lunch. She needs to process her overload of memories and network information, and must do so before she perishes. Éclair ponders what she could do to help. Scenes are shown of what happened to Eclipse and the two girls during the takeover.moreless
  • Take/Revenge
    Episode 19
    Eclipse and Lumiere have revealed themselves in their new forms, and in turn, they expose the true identities of Acting Chief Éclair and Lumiere. The clones are freed from the chief's control. Armbrust creates a diversion so that Éclair, Lumiere and the clones can take the high road. After some fighting, Alv and Dvergr emerge and declare their plan of revenge against the Nouvlesse, bringing out the big gunship and some more mechs.moreless
  • Unmasked/Face
    Episode 18
    The motorcycle duo leave, and Acting Chief Éclair and Lumiere order all security units and the six pairs of clones to go after the duo. They chase them throughout the city. One of the clone pairs (the one with the Éclair that struggled with her identity) ends up going with Armbrust. The other five take on the motorcycle duo in a battle of powers. Some powerful mechs called the D-32 B-type are brought out under Acting Chief Éclair's lead, but they turn on the GOTT army, and the Éclair/Lumiere clone pair must decide what to do.moreless
  • Phantasm/Reborn
    Episode 17
    Acting chief Éclair makes some sweeping changes at the GOTT, first by assigning ES status to six pairs of Éclair and Lumiere clones to replace all existing agents. She orders S class members Dextera and Sinistra to train them, although the clones are extremely strong and have intentions to kill. Later, acting chief Éclair declares publicly about the power of GOTT and the mandate to destroy all oppressors and folks who think contrary to her beliefs. One of the Éclair clones struggles with her conscience, putting her existence on the line.moreless
  • Look/Back
    Episode 16
    Some years ago, Éclair wakes up and finds herself in a new body. She meets a girl named Lumiere. Although she has no memories of her past, she learns quickly about her powers and undergoes training as an ES agent under the GOTT. Armbrust recaps the events of the series leading up to the assault on headquarters. On Aeneas, the GOTT has assigned a new leader and it happens to be Éclair. Six pairs of Eclair/Lumiere clones have been created to serve as ES agents.moreless
  • Break/Down
    Episode 15
    clair and Lumiere change from hunted to hunter as they launch an attack on the GOTT home base and target Eclipse, who has anticipated this move, and has rounded up any available ES agents. The ES members manage to split the duo and lay down some hurt, but Éclair and Lumiere are not about to give up.moreless
  • Steel/Heart
    Episode 14
    Things don't get any easier when Tweedledee and Tweedledum are given the orders to terminate Éclair and Lumiere, who are hanging out on a planet that is in the process of being terra-formed. Instead of directly fighting them, the two siblings override Donnerschlag (Éclair's mech) and LaMuse (Lumiere's ship) and program them to attack the girls. As they retreat, Éclair lets Lumiere go on ahead as she prepares to defend herself against Donnerschlag.moreless
  • Conflict/Destiny
    Episode 13
    clair and Lumiere escape to an abandoned space colony that has a link to their past. Un-ou and A-ou are given the task of terminating Éclair and Lumiere, which they are more than happy to carry forth, especially when they are also familiar with the space colony. As Éclair tries to fight the two, Lumiere gets injured, and Éclair realizes the way to save her is not only to get Un-ou and A-ou off their back, but also to uncover their former doctor's promised legacy.moreless
  • Frozen/Life
    Episode 12
    clair and Lumière make their escape but have to stock up on a remote planet. Meanwhile the GOTT have ordered the special ops group Section 13 to hunt them down. While Eclair and Lumiere discuss what to do next, they realize that Section 13 are already aware of their presence. Armbrust has also turned against the girls, and the squad commander threatens to use planetary explosive force and something called the D-Command.moreless
  • Set/Free
    Episode 11
    Eclipse sends Éclair and Lumière to the planet Aure, in an effort to revitalize their economy. The girls learn that there are two groups of people; the Nouvlesse businessmen, and the Workers, who are under a lifetime contract. But the workers are protesting. Lumiere initially stops one protest and then manages to save a kid from getting run over, whichis met with thanks. But the kid's family and friends learn that Eclipse is working with the Nouvlesse, and shun them. Another revolt is initiated, and with the Nouvlesse taking action this time, Eclipse must decide whether to obey GOTT orders or follow her conscience.moreless
  • Rebirth/Slave
    Episode 10
    After nearly getting completely brainwashed in the previous episode, Éclair gets a day off to recover. As she visits her favorite diner, she starts to remember events from her previous incarnations, including training with Eclipse, and where she had to make the tough decisions on killing people. Éclair returns to work later; she and Lumiere are to go after Un-ou and A-ou, two ES agents who were caught in some sticky conflict. Before going into battle, Éclair is given a choice of pistols; one to continue killing and another to end her own life. What will she choose?moreless
  • Mirage/Snare
    Episode 9
    clair goes undercover to the planet Dardanos to investigate some mysterious disappearances of some of their industry leaders. She notices the planet isn't terribly busy with people on the streets, and that everyone likes the same kind of new age music. She meets up with two GOTT agents whose office looks more like a pet fish store. As Eclair follows the trail of a missing agent, she notices her two agents have a careless attitude about the whole thing and they space out a lot, and that she is spacing out as well. Not a good sign when the authorities suddenly appear and try to arrest her.moreless
  • 11/26/02
    A device called Geosort has been used recently on the planet of Atoth. Ideally the Geosort can prepare dead planets for terra-forming, or planetary restructuring, but in the case of Atoth, it was used as a bomb to destroy all of its live inhabitants. As the bomb technology was originally developed within GOTT, Éclair and Lumière are given the task of tracking down the distribution channels. As Lumiere hacks into the system, she discovers another duo of GOTT members with the same mission, and they end up joining forces with siblings Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They pinpoint the site, but when Éclair requests her usual arrest authorization, she is met with only silence from Headquarters. What could this mean?moreless
  • Trial/Child
    Episode 7
    clair and Lumière escort a boy named Timothy who estranged father had left him ownership of a corporation. A group of humans known as the Nouvlesse have some significant shares in the corporation, so they aren't happy about this; they devise a challenge for him involving a mech race, with ownership as the wager. Eclair helps Tim as a co-pilot as more than just racing is involved, and Tim must decide whether he really wants to be involved in all this.moreless
  • Twin/Star
    Episode 6
    clair is assigned to help Padushka, an operative who hasn't been out in the field for seven years, uncover a string of burglaries that are taking place on airplanes. ES members Sinistra and Dextera are to act as the decoys in the operation, while Padushka goes with Éclair with the briefcase.moreless
  • Day/Off
    Episode 5
    clair and Lumiere get a day off. Éclair and her friend Ricky go to an elite restaurant but during a dance Éclair accidentally interrupts a secret meeting between two gangs involved in insider trading. Meanwhile Lumiere attends an opera but she sees a little girl crying, but the girl grabs her in a kiss and Lumiere faints. While Éclair has been caught with the gang and taken along with their operation, Lumiere finds herself in a room full of kidnapped children that are being brainwashed.moreless
  • High/Speed
    Episode 4
    clair heads out on a solo mission to track down a stolen reactor unit that enhances a human's strength. She poses as a catwoman in a big arena fighting match as she scouts for who would be using that. Meanwhile there's a woman named Foxy Fox, who has been doing well in the fighting business thanks to some enhancements. The two end up together as they try to escape from some cyborg bad guys.moreless
  • Prisoner/Escort
    Episode 3
    clair and Lumière are ordered to escort a guy named Drake Han, who claims that he needs to stay within a large life support enclosure. After securing a larger vessel to transport Drake, the gang encounter some gridlock on the spaceway and get attacked by a syndicate who attempt to rescue Drake. But betrayal is in the air when the guys turn against Drake to fulfill another contract.moreless
  • Tight/Bind
    Episode 2
    clair and Lumière join with ES members Alv and Dvergr to recover a stolen gravity control unit called Hi-G that could revolutionize the already-destructive Gravity Bomb. When they arrive at a prison satellite, they feel the effects of the strong gravity but Alv and Dvergr cancel out the effect for themselves and leave the two girls stranded. Meanwhile, Unbeknownst to them, Armbrust makes off with the Hi-G and attempts a negotiation with an arms dealer.moreless
  • Depth/Space
    Episode 1
    ES members Éclair and Lumière are assigned by their commander, Eclipse, to escort Galactic Union (GU) Inspector Armbrust to planet Medeia so that peaceful negotiations can begin between Medeia and planet Faunus. Faunus's corrupt space army stands in their way, setting up a space wide blockade. Éclair and Lumière board the army's flagship and ask the commander to let them through, but when he refuses, the girls demonstrate their powers and capabilities.moreless