Season 1 Episode 6

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • My Heart Belongs to Daddy!

    This is what television should be about- well written, excellent cast and more twists and turns than any movie I've seen in two years. Unforntunately, Kidnapped is no longer airing on NBC, but now showing new episodes online only every Friday on - well basically it should still be on TV.

    It's sad that the best show on the Fall 2006 season in my opinion was treated so carelessly. Every episode has exceeded my expectations. And to those who thought there was no way they could keep up the intensity of the storyline- well you were very wrong.

    The mystery deepens in the episode My Heart Belongs to Daddy (exclusively online at with the intervention of Ellie's wealthy father and the discovery that the kidnappers are not after money at all. More intense was the brief phone call between Leo and his parents that truly was heartbreaking. So, who are the true culprits in this abduction? We don't know yet and as Devere said, "It's a maze built upon a maze" When was the last time you watched a TV show and didn't have all the answers handed to you? When was the last time you sat on the edge of your seat watching characters with true depth? Well, the last time Kidnapped aired of course, 2 weeks ago on TV. Fortunately, Kidnapped fans will be able to watch each new episode online, but the tragedy is that it isn't on TV anymore to add a little intelligent entertainment to a growing wasteland of reality and game shows. Kidnapped is a jewel in the midst of the desert.