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Kids Are People Too!

Episode 1

Joyce DeWitt, special guest

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Unknown on ABC
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Joyce DeWitt, special guest

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  • Missed some of it but caught most of the interview

    Yes I was one of those kids who was delighted by Three's Company but I still watched Saturday morning cartoons. I almost changed the channel when I saw this "magazine" type show, which were coming into vogue (My mom watch Dinah Shore and later, Donahue and the Today Magazine with Gary Collins). I probably would have changed the channel but I knew who Joyce DeWitt was, the very funny comedic actress from Three's Company. You can do an internet search to this day and see her image/video walking into the studio wearing a very lovely 2 piece white tunic and pant suit with the Dorothy Hamill hairstyle which was very popular in 1976-77.

    So I started to watch the interview but I had the attention span of a cricket. I remember the very interesting opening scene where Bob McAllister would bounce a rubber ball and spark the interest of the kids then throw them the ball and they'd bounce it back. (Of course, I talked about this to all my friends the next day and we all thought this was very cool and crazy to do! What if they missed?) So that was very new, the whole thing with showing the curtains and the cast and the stage was just very basic and like a skeleton stage, nothing fancy but it felt fun and fresh.

    During the interview, I missed some of the very first parts but I do remember where Joyce was sitting on a chair talking to Bob about how she was in a stage performance when she was really young, and she was required to wear a costume with a short skirt and wear stripes on her legs for the part. I think she was supposed to be a doll or a toy. Anyway, she said that she put tape on her legs so it would look like stripes. But when she was supposed to bend down or pick up a box, something of that nature, she leaned down and I think she said that her skirt went up too high and you could see the tape ending where the hem might have covered it. It was something like that. I don't know what the question was but you'd think it was something about "Describe some of the first times you ever acted on stage as a That might have been the nature of the question. And the answer was basically she screwed up her costume and so when she bent over you could see the tape didn't go all the way up and I think she was embarrassed by this and the audience had a giggle as I'm sure they would have felt very much the same way.

    So that's what I remember and not much else. I did try to refresh my memory by looking at a video but it wasn't THAT helpful. I do remember seeing the Rupert Holmes, Danielle Brisbois and Judy Blume, plus I believe I also saw a few other episodes of this show, based on the database and the YouTubes out there. I would say that this show did have an impact on me and my friends as a child because you got to see that actors were doing jobs and it wasn't "real", you'd get to see your TV actors, especially child actors like Danielle Brisbois were not that different of kids as you, and we did talk about this show at school the next week.

    I caught a few other shows but I didn't like the show's direction when the new anchor came out the next season, kissing some of the kids in the audience. I thought, who does he think he is? And the girls were obviously very vapid to be interested in a tv personality.moreless

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