Kids From C.A.P.E.R.

NBC (ended 1977)




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Kids From C.A.P.E.R.

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Live-action Saturday morning comedy adventure series, featuring the adventures of four junior police officers at the 927th precinct in the town of Northeast Southweston.

Each of the 13 episodes featured a song, 11 of which made it to an album. The show lasted for less than a full season on NBC in the 1976-77 tv season but still has a loyal following today. Along with the musical numbers (each song was featured at least twice per episode), the episodes often featured numerous self-referential and "fourth wall" jokes. C.A.P.E.R. stands for the "Civilian Authority for the Protection of Everybody, Regardless."


The "Kids" were:

P.T. - The leader, able to calmly assess situations and 'sniff out' clues with his nose, which was named Seymour.

Doc - The brains, as well as the heartthrob, his analytical powers were second to none.

Bugs - The muscle, despite being considerably shorter than the rest, his one major weakness was an adverse reaction to the word "Banana".

Doomsday - The shy, quiet one with the big appetite and an ability to talk to animals.

They were aided (most of the time, anyway) by some regular characters:

Sgt. Vinton - Their mentor at police HQ, he often brought them their cases.

Kirk Klinsinger - A nosy news reporter who often got in the way and could always be relied on to run to his mother, whenever he was afraid (which was often)

Mr. Featherstone - The Kids' pet shark, and radar system, whose tank was inside of the Big Bologna, their vehicle.

"The Girl" – Usually, she would show up at the beginning of the show bring a case to the Kids and, more often than not, she would also end up as the love interest of one of the Kids. =============== Company credits Production Companies * Kirschner-Landsberg Distributors * National Broadcasting Company (NBC) ================== Release dates USA -- 11 September 1976 =================== Air Dates (On NBC) from 9/11/76 - 11/20/76, 4/9/77 - 9/3/77 ======================= Runtime: USA:30 min (13 episodes) Country: USA Language: English Color: Color Sound Mix: Monomoreless