Kids In the Hall: Death Comes to Town

Season 1 Episode 1

Death Checks In

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2010 on CBC

Episode Recap

Welcome to Shuckton, population 27,063. Larry Bowman is the mayor and he's bidding on the 2028 Olympic games. What we first see is a commercial that shows our Shuckton can be the town to host the games. Meanwhile, Death himself comes to town, stepping off a bus and hoping on his motorcycle of bones. He's oddly scantily clad, but he rides off taking a look at the small town. Death heads to the local motel and checks into his room.

At the local diner, Larry Bowman walks in. He's the town's biggest celebrity. He owns people apparently, taking bites out of people's food and snatching a tip left for the waitress. He even kisses and gropes someone's (presumed) wife. Larry next passes by the local abortion clinic (run by Dr. Porterhouse) with a couple waiting outside. Apparently the decision about the games will be known today. A local pizza parlor tries to deliver a pizza. Elsewhere, two gang members try to "cook" up alcohol-based sanitizer but the local cops catch them. Well really, they're just after the manhole covers that one of them stole to make money.

At the motel, Death picks through the Bible and then decides to make a call to order a pizza. He sends 7 pizzas over to a large woman on the edge of town. She's watching TV and the local newscasters come on, waiting for the announcement of the games decision. The letter is late, so they run the promo for breaking news again. The letter arrives and Larry opens it. They don't get the games and the townsfolk are disappointed. Meanwhile, Death gets his first assignment, so he prepares himself by shaving, grinding, and polishing. The pizza parlor delivers the pies, the delivery lady appears and they talk.

Back in town, two of the camera crewmembers head for drinks at the local bar. The female reporter tries to seduce the boom/sound guy to no avail. Death arrives at the bar, but simply says he can't go in there and heads off again. He heads to the Bowman residence, where Larry Bowman and his wife are arguing about the unsuccessful Olympic bid. Their son turns on the TV for them because he's the only one that can control all of the remotes (and their collection is quite large). Larry's wife heads out to drive drunk but she can't pass the built in breathalyzer, son she calls out her son to pass the test for him and heads off.

She passes by Death who receives his target: Larry Bowman. Inside, Larry's just watching TV, the weather girl from the local station is describing the forecast. Death walks in and smacks Larry over the head with the remote until he's dead. He vacuum's up the soul that pops out (then snorts it). Deaths then heads outside to dance on the lawn.
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