Kids Incorporated

Season 8 Episode 3

Lay Off

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1992 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The band gets invitations to a birthday party for Nicole's friend Celeste. Already the girls begin to wonder what to wear, as does Jared.

During their next song, Celeste comes into The P*lace, looking worried. After their song, Celeste asks Nicole to talk outside. Celeste has bad news: her birthday party has been called off, because her father has been laid off from his job. This really worries Nicole, because her father works at the same company, and her father didn't say anything about getting laid off. Celeste is afraid that her family may have to move, after hearing her father talking on the phone to another company in another city. Though she didn't mean to scare Nicole with all the bad news, it's too much for Celeste to handle, and she runs off.

Nicole tells the others in the dressing room about Celeste's father and hears that some other parents have been laid off from their jobs. They recall from their history classes about the Great Depression, when times were really bad. Flip comes in, and sees the worried looks on the kids' faces. He tells them they shouldn't be worried about jobs they don't have yet, and reminds them when he was down and out of work for a while, they helped keep his spirits up just by being there for him. The kids want to buy presents for Celeste but Flip advises that buying presents for her may just remind her of how tough things are for her family. Nicole goes off to look for Celeste, while the others decide how to help her out.

Nicole finds Celeste headed home to do some errands, and offers to help her out with some of her chores at her home. She may not always be there, but Nicole tells Celeste will try to be there for her during this time.

Later, Kenny finds Nicole in the dressing room after helping out Celeste. Nicole is looking for wrapping paper and ribbon, as she tells Kenny of a way she can help lift Celeste's spirits up.

Nicole brings Celeste down to The P*lace, where the others have a surprise birthday party for her. The party makes Celeste happy, as Nicole is just as relieved that her father won't be losing his job. Celeste said that her father reassured her their family will be together through tough times and will only move as a last resort. The kids give Celeste a framed photo of the band as a present, and celebrate with a lopsided cake that Jared baked.


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