Kidsongs - Season 4

PBS (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • We Love Fire Trucks
    Episode 17
    The kids host fire safety day with tips on fire prevention. Four firemen and a shiny engine visit the kids at the station. Songs include: I Want To Be A Fireman, Jim Along Josie, Michael Finnegan and more!
  • We Love Animals
    Episode 16
    The Kidsongs Kids prepare to greet their special guest, San Diego Wild Animal Park's Andrea Mott and her Fennic fox, a porcupine and a hedgehog. Songs include: The Way You Walk, Raccoon and Possum, Wooly Bully and more!
  • 10/22/97
    The Kidsongs Kids prepare for special guest Joan Embrey of the San Diego Zoo and her exotic animals: a Cheetah, a Toucan and a Springhaas. We learn how enjoyable working together can be. Songs include: Jeepers Creepers, Five Little Monkeys and more!
  • We Love Dogs
    Episode 14
    The Kidsongs Kids dedicate an entire show to dogs of all shapes and sizes. Special Guest: K-9 Unit-Police Officer Jack Schonely and German Shepard Gundo. Songs include: Walkin' The Dog, All Shook Up, Hound Dog and more!
  • A Day at the Beach
    Episode 13
    The Kidsongs Kids get an introduction to Caribbean music and dance. Special guests: The Trinidad Steel Drum Band. Songs include: Barefootin', C'mon and Swim, The Best Sandcastle and more!
  • Let's Make Music
    Episode 12
    The kids present an educational showcase about drums! Studio guest is Sheila E., the world-renowned percussionist. Songs include: Come On And Conga, Mexican Hat Dance, Footloose and more!
  • Let's Be Friends
    Episode 11
    A new cast and crew take over the Kidsongs TV Show. The kids learn that working together is the key to success. Special guests: popular singing group, All-4-One. Songs include: Look What I Can Do, Bicycle Built For Two, Me And My Shadow and more!
  • This was a special episode in which the Kidsongs Kids went to Biggle Land.
  • 10/27/98
  • 10/20/98
  • I Can Do It!
    Episode 7
    Join the Biggles and the Kidsongs Kids as they explore all the things they know how to do. There are smiles all around as they build sand castles at the beach, get soaked bathing adorable puppies, ride bikes, fly kites and jump in and swim at a pool party. Includes songs such as "I can do it!","All shook up","Bicycle Built for Two","Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and "Peanut Butter".moreless
  • I Can Dance!
    Episode 6
  • 9/29/98

    We're on a roll: The Kidsongs Kids countdown the best Kidsongs music videos of the week!  Songs include:  Them Bones, Waltzing Matilda, This Old Man and more!

  • 9/22/98
    In "I can go to the Country", the Kidsongs Kids go to visit friends that live in the country.
  • Very Silly Songs
    Episode 3
    The Kidsongs Kids go crazy in this episode of silly and musical fun. Music videos include; Fiddle-I-Fee, Purple People Eater, and Down by the Bay.
  • 9/8/98
    In this awesome episode, the Kidsongs Kids are taken back to some of their favorite music videos. Billy & Ruby Biggle also dance with them in hits such as; Walkin' the Dog, Loco-Motion, and Alley Cat.
  • 9/1/98
    The fun begins when the Kidsongs Kids and the Biggles decide to put on a show! Join them as they rehearse, dress up in fabulous costumes and dance, dance, dance!