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The genius robotics professor, Dr. Komyoji has created Jiro. Jiro has the ability to transform into Kikaider, a humanoid robot tasked with the protection of Dr. Komyoji's son, Masaru, and his daughter, Mitsuko. Gifted with a conscience circuit, which has the power to simulate real emotions that helps to distinguish between "right and wrong", Jiro must protect Mitsuko and Masaru from the evil Dr. Gil who wants Jiro to join his army and aid in his goal of world domination. The following is a full list of all Kikaider productions: - Android Kikaider (Jinzō Ningen Kikaidā) Aired from 1972-1973. 43 episodes. - Flying At 'Ya, Android Kikaider (Tobidasu Jinzô Ningen Kikaidâ) Aired in 1973. 3D Movie. - Kikaider 01 (Kikaidā Zero Wan) Aired in 1973. 46 episodes. - Mechanical Violator Hakaider (Jinzō Ningen Hakaidā) Aired in 1995. Movie special. - Android Kikaider: The Animation (Jinzō Ningen Kikaidā Ji Animēshon) Aired in 2000. 13 episodes. - Kikaider 01: The Animation (Kikaidā Zero Wan Ji Animēshon) Aired in 2001. 4 episodes. - The Boy Who Carried a Guitar: Kikaider Vs. Inazuman Aired in 2002. OVA Special.

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  • this has to be one of my all time favorites. it gets alot of flak for not being origional, too dark, or done with crappy animation, but i dissagree

    this show is awesome. a young girl looses her mother at child birth to her little brother (if i remember correctly) and her dad is so wrapped up in work to come home verry often. she fends for her and her brother most of the time, then one day, there's an explosion at her dads lab, and he dissapears. suddenly, the android kikaider, the first and only android with a consious chip, meats up with them and they try to find out what happens and even just to survive. they later find out thatt her father isn't dead, but was kidnapped and there is another android, identical to kikaider, but without the consionce chip (jiro). after a while in the series (witch seemed like longer than i have heard it is) it turns up that the girls father is alive, with his brain preserved in jiro. then another android turns up, and eventually, they confront the mastermind behind the whole thing and wind up killing him. if that doesn't get you interested, did i meantion there is motorcycle combat?moreless
  • This animated series is closer to the comicbook versions of Kikaida and Kikaida than the life action series were.

    The original Japanese version is divided into two seperate series. They were not released in the same year. Jinzo Ningen Kikaida: The Animation (full title) was 12 episodes and Kikaida-01: The Animation just 4. Both anime were based on the comicbooks by Ishinomori, Shotaro (the real creator of Kikaida). I have not read them, but I\'ve been told the anime are closer to the comicbooks than they live action series were. The anime ending is apparently how Ishinomori actually ended the comicbooks, which were written for adults. The live action series being made for children were both upbeat and had happy endings, 00 was left ouf of the live action Kikaida-01. I prefer the live action series (both of them). The animated series are too dark for my taste and because they are so short, too rushed, especially the 01 series which tries to cram a story the live action series took 46 episodes to tell into just 4 episodes. I have not seen the English dubbed version of the animations, so I don\'t know how they may have changed the story. It is my understanding that they dropped the Jinzo Ningen Kikaida: The Animation vocal ending theme song \"Destiny\" which was recorded by the Komyoji, Mitsuko voice actress Horie, Yui. Ironicly the Dr. Komyoji voice actor in the Japanese animations was the voice of Hakaida and Gill Hakaida in the live action series. The Japanese Shadow Knight was the voice of Shadow Knight (and Waruda) in the live action Kikaida-01.moreless
  • Who thought of this trash? It's an insult to the orginals.

    the animated program called Kikaider is a compilation of a live action shows Kikaidaa and Kikaidaa 01 created in Japan but seen in Hawaii on their Japanese language station in the 70\'s a few new characters or subplots have been added. This is a poorly done animated version along the lines of Power Ranger\'s style cut and splice programing. Fans of the original would be outraged at the liberties taken with the animated version.moreless

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