Kiki's Delivery Service

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • The movie centers around Kiki who is a 13 year old witch trying to make a life on her own for the first time, and her cat JiJi. We follow their misadventures while trying to start an independent life and business in a new town.

    I love this movie when I was younger. It was a great to watch when nothing was on and I loved it was created with all those animated features. Anyway, this movie is great for anyone looking for good movies for kids of any age. I am glad I was able to see this movie when I could and it was still on television. Good luck to anyone who go looking for this movie where ever you go looking. I hope they continue to create this kind of movies because they would be good for kids at any age below ten.
  • The American release of the Japanese movie Majo no Takkyūbin by Hayao Miyazaki. We follow the adventures of Kiki, a 13 year old witch trying to make an independent life for herself in a new town, and her cat JiJi. Phil Hartman\'s final perfomance

    The above synopsis may sound dull, but it is a joy to watch from start to finish. We see Kiki slowly grow up and learn to have faith in herself, especially when her powers begin to fade away toward the end of the movie. It\'s engrossing enough to keep one\\\'s attention and there are a number of tear-jerking moments that make it more than just a kid\'s movie. Kiki\\\'s Delivery Service \"delivers\" a wonderful movie which shows that movies don\'t have to be about overcoming evil or action-packed or angst-ridden to be entertaining.

    It is available for purchase on DVD and I highly reccomend picking up a copy, if you are a fan of animation. Be warned if you are a fan of mainstream anime such as Sailor Moon, this is not like that.