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Kill Reality

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Get in on the behind-the-scenes action of your favorite (guilty pleasure or not) reality show stars as they film the upcoming thriller The Scorned. That's right, twelve reality stars will live under the same roof while trying to get this film off the ground - we might even get a glimpse of their 'real' personalities!
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  • I dont know why I can't change the channel.


    I have to confess that I watch some shows so I can complain about them. Kill Reality is one of these shows.

    As much as I love this show is as much as I hate it. Nothing on here shocks me or have I found anything new. It is as all reality shows are, the same as all the rest. Most on it start out liking each other, then wind up hating each other, someones is always getting naked, everyones is getting drunk or wanting to get drunk. Someones is the B****y one, someone is the nice one. Theres always a gay person. The list could go on and on.

    I have asked myself why do we watch these shows as much as we do? I can only think of one reason, In a way the 'stars' on these shows are doing things we sometimes wish we could be doing.

    still I watch every week and sometimes look forward to what will happen next.moreless
  • Awful!

    Now, don't get me wrong. I love me some reality TV! But, when it comes down to it, I really don't want to watch a show about Reality TV people who are going to star in a television show. The cast seemed fake, and the movie appeared to be low budget. One of the few good things about this show is that I got to see some of my favorite stars, even though the put me to sleep. I think the major fault with this show is the premise. They tried to make a reality show that wasn't reality, and of course that would never work.moreless
  • Kill reality is different from most shows out there on television. It's different in a good way, watching reality stars trying to become actors is a rollercoaster ride from the very beginning!moreless

    I personally really enjoy this show and I'm sure most people will as well. I bet most people are thinking "Oh great another reality show," in a negative sense, but this reality show is different from all the rest. This show really catches and keeps your attention. It's a combonation with the Real World on mtv and a behind the scenes look at how movies are produced and made. You never know what's going to happen while the reality stars are together living in the house. Johnny Fairplay is alawys doing crazy things that most "normal" people would never do, this makes for great television. Basically this shows deserves a score of an 8.5 orhigher because of all the extremely interesting and different aspects this show provides. When was the last time you saw a show based on reality stars trying to make a movie?moreless
  • It is very stupid but sometimes I watch it.

    It is very stupid but sometimes I watch it. I think it is an interesting concept, see what things are like on a movie set and how they would live together but reality stars? I also really hated Jonny and Tonya, they were so creepy together and apart. I wonder how the movie turned out?
  • Former top reality stars, have banded together to make a horror film,The Scorned, written by another reality star. The cameras follow the realites in the making of a movie, and the behind the scenes antics that go along with it.moreless

    Going downhill. This show is just another real world, showing people at their worst and sexual peaks. The so-called "Top reality stars" are trying to be actors, which doing another reality show will tarnish greatly if not at all any chance for them to go mainstream. Once again another show that over-indulges in sex, temper-tantrums and getting drunk, which in turn is what most of the reality stars are famous for. On the plus side if the movie is too far out there, it might become fan classic and so weird enough you just can't stop talking about it, like the song you can't just get out of your head. Also people might think that this movie will be such a trainwreck they have to go see it, and if enough people are curious, maybe the studio won't go completely broke,however, one thing's for sure, I'm definitely not going to see, rent, or recommend this movie based on reality status. I want you to prove me wrong. I will leave all my perceptions and misconceptions at the door and if the movie is good, I might recommend it to someone and make you all true stars. Oh and if you're wondering, I can do that and so much more.moreless