Killer Instinct

Season 1 Episode 5

Die Like an Egyptian

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2005 on FOX

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  • Killer Instinct is a new genre of crime drama. Rather than straight police work, forensics, or supernatural mediums; we explore that land of the wild human mind. In this episode, a brilliant man with a brain tumor comes to believe he can become immortal.

    It took me an episode or two to catch on to Killer Instinct. They are beginning to explore a new frontier in police dramas.

    Let's face it real life killers are pathetic. Go to see Capote for a taste of the real thing. However, in this episode a very talented man is driven crazy by a brain tumor and starts killing people to become immortal because for the first time in his life he met a woman he loves and wants to live forever.

    There are good actors and writers. This is a winner.
  • A good interesting storyline in this episode despite lack of character development.

    I'm still trying to decide how much I like this show. This episode had a really great premise. Bringing in Ancient Egyptian mythology to explain the killer's motivation and watching them try to figure out exactly where the bodies were was interesting...A lot better than the typical "His mother locked him in the basement" type stereotype which seems to motivate a lot of TV serial killers.

    Of less importance the special effects were cool, especially the cobra...
    Problems: There was a big hole in the plot. They somehow "forgot" to explain about the Cat-Goddess gate. They didn't find it and they didn't say it was one of the ones the killer didn't complete. This type of thing is just sloppy.

    The other thing I'm not sure of is the characters, they don't have much individuality. So far they're just typical earnest hero-cops very smart, very strong with no apparent flaws.

    A show like this can get by with cool and innovative episode stories for a while but after a while I find that I want to care about the characters and see them as more than cardboard stereotypes.
    This show does have promise...If they flesh out the characters a bit and be careful about leaving holes in the plot this will be a very good show.
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