Killer Instinct

Season 1 Episode 13

Fifteen Minutes of Flame

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX



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    • Carter: (After Hale releases her from vest) I'm gonna try and repay the favour.
      Hale: That's great. Are you ok?
      Carter: No, I'm not ok.
      Hale: Ok, good.
      Carter: Can I have your weapon?
      Hale: Yeah. Why?
      Carter: Because I have a promise to keep.
      Hale: Ok.

    • Hale: (Holding gun to Walker's head) Guess what, I'm holding someone elses life in my hands too.
      Walker: Your threatening me.
      Hale: Yeah.
      Walker: Oh man, you don't really understand me at all. I like being threatened, especially in front of the audience who paid to watch tonight. You wouldn't hurt me too badly with the whole world watching would you.
      Hale: No. That's why I had them shut the camera off ten minutes ago. Yeah, looks like its just you and me Johnny boy. So tell me, is that really the way you want to go out? Off screen.

    • Walker: Was that your idea overloading the ear piece?
      Hale: One of many.

    • Carter: Hey.
      Hale: How's your night going?
      Carter: You know what, I got less than five minutes, I think you might want to save your small talk for your next partner.
      Hale: Ain't gonna happen.

    • Hale: Don't mess with my partner!

    • Carter: All right, it's noon now. Meet you back here in ten minutes?
      Hale: All right. You know this would be a whole lot easier if you'd just embrace Starbucks.
      Carter: No, I'm Coffee Bean all the way.
      Hale: Whatever.

    • Trip: (to Hale in beams looking for key) You could go a little faster!
      Hale: What? I can't hear you.
      Trip: I said you can go a little faster!
      Hale: I could go a little slower, too.

    • Carter: Okay, Trip, we got four minutes to make something happen here.
      Trip: Great, then maybe you can put some hot dogs on the barbecue by then!

    • Carter: You think this guy is somehow selling people going up in flames? Oh my, how would you market that product, and who the hell would want to buy it!
      Hale: (laughs) I'm sorry, did you forget we live in San Francisco, Carter?

    • Trip: I guess this would have been pretty embarrasing for you, if I'd blown up with all these people watching.
      Hale: Not as embarrasing as it would have been for you.

    • Cavanaugh: I've just been informed a few minutes ago that there are over one hundred of these public web cams all over the city. I know, I guess it should have been obvious to me, I mean we all know that San Francisco is the most photographed city in the world.

    • Carter: I feel like making a promise, that when I find you I'm gonna shoot you in the balls!

    • Hale: You're coming with me.
      Harry: I am?
      Hale: Well your the closest thing we have to a web cam expert, that we got right.
      Harry: Yeah.
      Hale: Ok, good.
      Harry: Do I get a gun?

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  • Allusions

    • Mrs Wood: We had a business selling jewellery on ebay.

      Ebay is an international internet auction site, used by the public and various companies to sell products to the highest bidder.

    • Carter: So the Human Torch was wearing some kind of incinerary device.

      The Human Torch is the Marvel comics character who can burst into flames by will. He is the fourth member of the Fantastic Four.