Killer Instinct

Season 1 Episode 2

Five Easy Pieces

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

A woman, Maggie Sherwood, plays with her dog on the beach. Another woman approaches and asks if she can give the dog a treat. Hidden in a bush, a man takes their picture. Later, in her artist's loft, Maggie lets the dog out. A man comes into her loft and injects her with something. She goes down.

Hale arrives on the scene. But first he wants to talk to Cavanaugh about Det. Leifort… who was actually working for the DA's office. Cavanaugh brought her in to spy on Hale, to make sure he was okay. Hale meets his real new partner, Det. Danielle Carter. Examining the scene, Carter realizes that Maggie was blind. Cavanaugh shows them the body. Maggie had her eyes plucked out and the lids stitched up.

Hale and Carter head out to an intersection. A traffic light camera took 10 photos throughout the day. A man is seen in each photo. The man was looking at the victim's apartment, watching the detective case the scene. The distance the man stood from the victim's place indicates a restraining order. Carter makes a call and finds out the victim had one against her ex-boyfriend.

The cops pay a visit to the ex, Jeff Dever. Dever's gone, but they find a gallery of photos of the happy couple. And also dozens of surveillance-style photos of Maggie. Curiously, in the photos, Maggie is looking at things. She wasn't always blind. Dever comes home from the store. They take him into the station. During the interrogation, Hale mentions that the victim had a corneal transplant recently. So what happened? Did she finally see that Dever wasn't good looking enough for her?

Dever proclaims his innocence and seems truly heartbroken by the end of the relationship. Hale and Carter believe him. Elsewhere, a man, Jonathan Klein, is napping on his patio. He wakes up to find that his abdomen has been sliced open autopsy-style. Hale and Carter report to the scene. Jonathan has the same auto-injector bruise that Maggie had. Hale notices Jonathan's grill is on. Something is charred beyond recognition. This makes Carter think that Maggie's kiln was also on.