Killer Instinct

Season 1 Episode 12

Love Hurts

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX
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Love Hurts
Before your partner manages to hook up with someone else, you must win by killing their unlucky new friend. The Deviant Crime Unit investigates as husband and wife take playing a game to the extreme.

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    Matt Anderson

    Matt Anderson


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    Michael Boisvert

    Michael Boisvert

    Sam Kaplan/Bossi

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    Luciana Carro

    Luciana Carro


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    Ramon De Ocampo

    Ramon De Ocampo

    Harry Oka

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      • Hale: Your cars are fitted with a telematic system, right?
        Manager: I'm not actually authorised…
        Hale: Ur huh, wrong answer.
        Manager: Ok, we don't broadcast it but yeah we use it to keep track of their location and speed. You'll be surprised how many customers get the sudden urge to drive to Mexico.
        Carter: I'll bet they're surprised by how much you charge for that urge, aren't they?
        Manager: Its an insurance thing.
        Hale: That's great, now run back to your office and get me the telematics on Sam Brossi's car now.
        Manager: No can do.
        Hale: Wrong answer again! I think you can.
        Manager: Show me the subpoena.
        Hale: Oh oh, I'm sorry, you need a subpoena, yeah your right, ok Carter do you have a subpoena on you? Coz I'm fresh out.
        Carter: No Hale, I don't have a subpoena.
        Hale: You don't. Mm, I wonder. Ok now if we had to go get one, that's going to be two hours out of our lives that we're never going to get back! That's two hours that will be a whole lot better spent trying to find the S.O.B who killed Sam Brossi, you understand what I'm saying here!
        Manager: A subpoena or a formal request on police department letterhead, its in the manual see for yourself.
        (Hale takes the police badge from around his neck and slams into an inkpad and then onto a nearby notepad, leaving behind an imprint of his badge.)
        Hale: Looks like letterhead to me. Now chop chop to your office and get me the telematics, now. Thank you.

      • Hale: So how was the club?
        Carter: Hale I live here, you think I've never been to a lesbian bar before.
        Hale: Yeah?

      • Hale: You send your picture in by cell then the promoter plays hot or not and decides who he puts on the list.
        Carter: You're kidding me?
        Hale: No.( He takes out his cell phone and points it at Carter) Look, say cheese.
        Carter: Hey!
        Hale: Not bad, I think you've got a fighting chance.
        Carter: Well it doesn't matter because I'm not sending my picture in.
        Hale: I know, of course your not. I am.
        Carter: I think that's really obnoxious.
        Hale: Only if you don't get in.

      • Hale: Apparently, if you cut somebody's head off exactly right, the vic can stay conscious for like a few seconds.
        Carter: Could you stop it.
        Hale: You know, like a chicken running around with his head cut off.
        Carter: Stop it, its disgusting.

      • Hale: Whoa, really. What's up with the dress?
        Carter: Just had dinner at Dankcoos.
        Hale: Oh you did, did ya. What you do take out a loan?
        Carter: Believe me I wasn't buying.
        Hale: Who was?
        Carter: Junior partner at Blake and Raymear, it was a disaster. I'm not glad someone was killed, but believe me the timing is excellent.

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