Killer Instinct

Season 1 Episode 4

O Brother, Where Art Thou

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2005 on FOX

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  • Some great twists

    I can safely say this episode really confused me. From the start to the finish I was insanely confused about what twin was what but it had a great twist.

    I loved it espeically for at one point it looked like no-one could figure out what was going on plus it looked impossible to solve. i was thinking maybe this was going to be the episode where they cant crack it and goes back to it in a future episode but they cracked it with smart talking.

    especially loved how they where lead to that set of twins

    great episode!!!
  • Decent, but not a lot to be shocked or awed about

    A woman shows up dead holding a mirror. What is so deviant about that? Her twin sister is also found dead holding a mirror across town. This appears to be a great setup. However, it takes a turn into normal land from there. It turns out the print at the scene belongs to a guy locked up in a nuthouse. Guess what? He has been trading places with his twin to get out of jail.
    There were some glaring inconsistencies. The show tells about how twins are found far apart making the same choices. Then it gives us villian twins who are totally differnt personalities. The point of the dead twins holding the mirror is never explained. Hale's partner questions the logic of the whole thing at the end. I was questioning it all along the way.