Killer Instinct

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on FOX

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  • A great start!

    This was a great start to the show. It wasn't terribly original but who cares? It was well done. I like all the characters in the series, especially Jack Hale. I also like his background and the fact that there seems to be more to him, other than his girlfriends/partners death. I love the relationship between him and his boss. It's not the typical hate relationship that many cops have with their bosses. They genuinely seem to get on which makes a change.

    I loved the starting case. It was a good one to show what the series is going to be all about. It was different and although it wasn't all original it had some interesting twists. All in all a great episode to start off the series.
  • The lead character is a guy brooding over his previous partner's death. Apparently he had enjoyed more than a police partnership with her. He goes on the hunt for the really weird bad guys in San Francisco. Not a bad start

    The first story centers on creepy spiders. The killer rapes and kills girls after the spider bites and paralyzes them. But before you start to think CSI:San Francisco, let me stop you. Or maybe I shouldn't stop you. This show could benefit from some of the good will associated with with CSI. I am afraid this one is going to get lost in the shuffle. There were a few early missteps. The chief, the always in charge Chi McBride, goes out on a call in the field. That seemed unlikely. The climax of the story with the villian involves the main character intentially injecting the crook and potentially dropping the only antidote. This seemed reckless and out of character. The show could really flourish with a few tweaks.
  • Enjoyable, watchable, creepy and stuffed full of eye candy. Compelling characters and some nice intrigues right out the gate.

    Watchable, entertaining, creepy, reasonably good music, and I like her obsession with him.

    He seems like a great combination of oblivious and observant.

    And they don't go for a twist ending on the whodunit. The most likely suspect is the person who had the spiders in the first place. They seem to see what we do (or we see what they do) and the case unfolds naturally.

    The twist seems to come in with Jack's apprehending of the suspect. One wonders what would happen if the suspect was not caught redhanded. In this case, the karmic approach of letting him get bit was strangely satisfying (who is paid enough to have a big ol' spider scurry around on their face)? But if he'd just been in his office or something, what would Jack have done to him?

    Dropping that vial was wonderfully sinister. And of course with nine hours before death there was some time to get the antidote there from the USDA, although the cost would be quite a bit higher than just, y'know, //handing// it to him.

    I didn't see him put the lid back on the can. I wondered about the spider getting out. That was a great closing image, btw, of the spider munching the fly trapped in its web. The spider employed exactly the right approach to be sinister and compelling. Who knew spiders could act?

    Since this is set in SF, does anyone think Adrian Monk will ever be called in? The supervisor's concern about his picture being straight made me think of that. That is a phenomenal picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, btw -- the angle was eyecatching and it had the power to just dominate the room. I covet that picture. :)

    "The Closer" used the "Get me some coffee" joke better, but I did enjoy the assistant. She is dark and wild and her stalkery is so going to be a problem.

    In short, the show was a good one, using some nice local color and some decent writing. I enjoyed "Criminal Minds" more, but I liked a lot of what I saw in this one.

    The beetles alone were just ... disturbing. :)
  • Another Awful Crime Series

    I am from the UK and i can always say that america is good at TV shows you have brought us: 24, Lost, Sopranos, Desperate Housewives, Friends, The Shield, ER etc.... but this show is just another cash in NYPD Blue mixed with the utterly awful CSI. CSI & NYPD Blue fanatics with love this show, everybody else with thing it is second rate or awful.
  • crap

    How made for television. I have heard of force feeding the evidence but this show takes it to a new extreme. They can not get anything right on this show. Look up cantharide and go watch the show again. There is fake and then there is Killer Instinct. Everybody that made it through this episode and enjoyed it I feel sorry for you, to everyone else do not waste your time. I made it through 20 minutes then just tuned it out. If I could ask for my life back from the network I would be on that in the blink of an eye. Try any number of the good shows that have come out bones, prison break or criminal minds.
  • Not Orginal, But a new twist on a old cup of tea.

    This show was ok. Good acting, Story was well written and edited. but it wasnt anything orginal. Its a new twist on a CSI show. Like so many this season. (Dead bodies and Alians sums up this season)
    I do think that it could go somewhere but thats yet to be seen. Its really hard to judge a show until mid first season but as this is fox i am sure it will be gone befor the weeks up.
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