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  • Just your average cop show

    Killer Instinct is about a male lead cop whose a loner in the field. His hanger-on partner does her best to give all that she's good for: following on the heels of the loner's footsteps and tailing his car whenever he runs off to be the hero and catch the bad guy on his own. Sound familiar? Yeah, identical to all the other crime dramas out there.

    The cases were interesting but you could generally guess the twist about 15 minutes during the show. There was nothing unique about the characters - they were all stereotypes, the murders were overtly gruesome, the victims were scantily clad vulnerable women and the cast had no chemistry. Johnny Messner and Kristen Lehman were so dull and unemotive.

    Jack Hale, the main character is bland and unrealistic - almost vigilante-like. In one episode, where the victims of a serial killer are bitten with poisonous spiders, he plants a poisonous spider on the killer. Jack's father is a serial killer, about to be executed - what are the chances that the police academy would let him in? For better shows that treat the same subject with more class and intelligence, I recommend Criminal Minds and the unjustly canceled The Inside. Those shows have better acting, more interesting cases, more unique characters, more surprising & hard to guess plot twists and more intelligent writing.
  • Sleepwalking with serial killers.

    Just how many serial killers are out there? Given the number of shows on TV, most of the population spends their spare time thinking of really elaborate ways to kill people.

    Killer Instinct tries to separate itself from the overkill of crime/serial murder shows by picking the wierdest and hoping it pays off. It doesn't.

    What you have here is a by-the-numbers crime show. Maverick, on the edge cop with a dark history, attractive potential love interest partner, overbearing and gruff boss who is really a nice guy, random wierdo of the week ...

    The acting is competent, the production values are fine but it's all been done before. Over and over again. This is just sleepwalking through the genre. Criminal Minds may be competing in the same turf this season but at least it's throwing in some interesting story structure and visual cues.

    And to make it worse the cops don't seem to have seen any of those other shows. Otherwise I wouldn't have been yelling at the screen to check out the donor records in the second episode 10 minutes before they figured it out.

    Another dead duck for Fox. Bound and gagged and dumped in the archives.

    They should have saved their money and kept The Inside.
  • FOX: Lessons in Mismanagement

    'Killer Instinct.' From the FOX publicity photo, I had two immediate questions: 1) Hey, isn't that the big guy I loved to hate from 'House'; 2) Hey, haven't I seen this before? The answers: 1) Yes, it's Chi McBride, better known as Vogler, Dr. House's nemesis; 2) Yes, you have. See also: well, pretty much every crime drama without a 'Law & Order' or 'CSI:' prefix since 1985...
    Let's look at FOX's description: "KILLER INSTINCT details the chilling stories behind the bizarre and deviant crimes committed by San Francisco’s most aberrant criminals – and the detectives whose job it is to stop them."
    Replace "San Francisco" with "Seattle," and this becomes 'Millenium.' Sub in "the United States," and you get 'Profiler.' They should have already wrapped shooting on many of the episodes in order to be ready for a Fall launch, but as of now, no one knows who the female lead will be! That's really inconceivable at a point this late in the game, and it underscores what an amateurish effort this show will inevitably be.

    What really boggles my mind is that FOX already had a killer (pardon the pun) profiling/procedural show in 'The Inside', which they (of course) cancelled. 'The Inside' exuded a style which no other procedural show had, a Michael Mann-meets-Se7en moodiness that will doubtlessly contrast with 'Killer Instinct's sure-to-be-bland vision. Josh Berman may have written for CSI, but is he a television god who wrote and directed the best episodes of “Angel” series creator Joss Whedon didn’t write and direct, plus co-produced the brilliant 'Firefly'? Well, obviously, no. Tim Minear is/did, and he ran 'The Inside'. 'The Inside' almost switched titles during production to 'The Southland' before FOX nixed the idea; FOX apparently had no qualms with title-hopping here, though: 'Killer Instinct' was once called 'Deviant Behavior' before a brief stop as 'The Gate'. Any show that changes titles that often has to have something wrong with it... And who exactly is Johnny Messner? While The Inside's lead was another unknown in Rachel Nichols, she was backed up by terrific character actors like Peter Coyote (maybe the best character actor ever!), Adam Baldwin (maybe the second-best character actor ever!), and Jay Harrington, who I swore was destined for stardom after his 'Inside' role. Believe me, a bit player from 'Life As We Know It' and a guy whose most recognizable gig was a 5-episode stint on 'House, M.D.' just don't stand up well next to 'The Inside's wealth of actors.

    All signs point to this show being a complete non-starter. It will be on Fridays, where 'Millenium' was left to die, on FOX, where every non-reality drama not named 'House' or '24' is axed within 10 episodes. It's re-hashing a concept that its own network couldn't win with just months earlier, and it's clearly inferior to that failed show. I can't understand why FOX didn't save 'The Inside' for this time slot while giving 'whatever the hell this show is calling itself this week' a quick boot.
  • Killer Instinct is the journey of solving bizzare and deviant crimes in San Francisco. The series focuses on Detective Jack Hale. Hale struggles with his personal life and career everyday.

    Leads, Johnny Messner plays Jack Hale and Kristin Lehman plays Danielle Carter in this crime drama that only lasted one season. There were only 13 episodes, and there was no warning of cancellation which I was highly upset about. This show was fairly simple, sometimes the resolutions were obvious but the drama within was great. The actors all had strong performances and you could tell they were all dedicated to their roles. It went off too soon, but I guess people enjoy more trivial crime dramas so perhaps that is why this was cancelled. Regardless, I still enjoyed this show very much.
  • A typical FOX show....

    Killer instinct is a show with good acting, interesting cases, but holds no permanent interest to me whatsoever. Although Detective Hale seems realistic, most of the cases and the environment in general doesn't seem life-like to me. It turns out that I like the acting more than the show itself. Detective Hale was more appealing to me than the main idea of the show, which is a common one for many shows that exist today, which is to catch the bad guy before they kill again. Overall, it's a good show but to me, it's just a typical show that FOX would air.
  • Same crime detective formula with unbelievable killing methods.

    The pilot of this show didn't impress me much. The spiders were an interesting twist, but not very believable. I mean, how long do you think it would take for the spiders to go from the front door to the bed and would they even go to the bed? Wouldn't they just want to funnel up somewhere?

    Anyhow, spider control aside, I am afraid that this show will be the same old formula with un-plausible killing methods. Same directing and writing style as a lot of the current crime detective shows on TV. But who knows, maybe episode 2 will really impress me.

    Big Brent
  • Great!!

    I didnt start watching Killer Instinct untill last week. Usually I watch Threshold but It wasnt keeping my attention anymore. So, I turn the channel and begin to watch this. OMG This show is awesome!! I hope FOX gives it a chance before axing it. Right now its not getting alot of viewers, and we all know FOX. As soon as they see a slight decine in ratings they cancel a great show.
  • This may be another cop show but i think it has something to add to the genre...

    There are hords of crime shows out a the moment, however i feel this is one that adds that little more. The story lines are well thought out adn get you guessing and really involved and when you combine this with the camera work(which in my humble opinion is superbe) and the eary feel the show has as a whole, you get a cop show that will keep you entertained and enthused the whole way through, a must see for fans of shows such as The Shield.

    Of course its never going to be ground breaking but its entertaining, whilst adding aspects missing in other shows.
  • I like the show so far,but as the father of 2 girls, I dont like seeing young women always being the victims.A happy ending for me is seeing the bad guys shot dead at the end of the episode.:)

    The most recent episode-13 going on 30 was a real twist.Apparently there's no shortage of wierd criminals in San Francisco,but their trail of evidence guarantees that they will have their ass in jail by the time the hour is up.Forget my social life,you know where I'll be at 9 o'clock on friday night
  • Never had a chance to gain a good following...

    I think if they'd aired it for longer & promoted it better that this could've taken off like CSI or Bones did. I really liked this show & was so dissapointed to see it go. I'm not surprised it was cancelled, it seems to be the trend the past few years to cancel good shows & keep bad ones. I'd be happy to see Killer Instinct make a come back some day, but I doubt it'll happen. Great cast & great storylines... Sorry to see it go the way so many others have. STOP cancelling shows without giving them a chance people!!! We want our TV back, it's scary to get attached to a show nowadays... You might not ever know how it all ends. lol.
  • Great show, I thought. Fox should not have cancelled it so quickly!

    I was saddened upon discovering this show got cancelled. I felt it was pretty good and Fox should not have so prematurely cancelled it. :x I thought the storyline of "deviant crimes" was one that hadn't really been done before. At least, in my tv show experience, an entire series had not been dedicated to the idea. Sure, Jack Hale could have been a little less "stone cold" but I thought the blonde detective (Danielle Carter?) was doing a good job getting under Jack's skin in a good way.
  • Not really a new concept, but not bad

    This show is a formula show... It's a lot like Profiler and Law & Order SVU. This show is about a cop who handles deviant criminals. Welcome to Silence of the Lambs the Series. Not new, but not bad. It seems to have a good cast and a good producer. The first episode wasn't bad. Hopefully it will build up to a better show over the next few episodes as the characters emerge, grow and get fleshed out.
    I'm a big fan of the cop drama formula. It's always good to get tips on how to commit crimes and get away with them.
  • I look forward to the next show every week.

    This is one of the more interest and entertaining shows of the new season. This show is taking a look at the most deranged crimes and people. I will bet that many people will feel this show is too dark and depressing, but it is real.

    I like the cast and I like the way they interact with each other. I think that Johnny Messener is wonderful and very suited for this role. He plays a great tough guy, but lets his compassion out to play as well.

    This show is well worth the time and staying home on Friday night.
  • big mistack

    i cant belive Fox cancaled this show, im thinking they just taking a break until the next season and here the show i cancalled this is the best show fox has had in a long time i wisht that they would bring it back. Im very said to hear this show has ended..
  • A truly unique serial killer chasing cop show and FOX killed it. Why am I not surprised?

    I found this show by accident as I was flipping through the channels trying desperately to find something worth watching. Imagine my surprise when I found an interesting cop show that was approached from an angle no one had thought of yet, and it was on FOX!!! Shocking!!!

    Well, not so shocking is the fact that FOX didn't give Killer Instinct a chance for other people like me to find out there was actually something worth watching on network t.v. - back to cable and Netflix for me.
  • This show is basically about 'deviant' crimes that occur in the foggy city by the bay, San Francisco.

    I suppose if anyone who watches this show actually lives in the city, they would know the little tidbits the show messes up on. Such as street names, areas, they also don't realize that locals will be able to tell the different areas that are being filmed, but are still in the same scenes.
  • \"Killer Instinct\" Simply, another fine show dumped by FOX!

    \"Illler Instinct\" is a fine example of another good TV program, well-played, well-thought out, but simply dumped from the viewing schedule by those geniuses who run the FOX Network. This is not so much a review of the program; if you didn\'t see it, you missed some decent tv-viewing, as much as an indictment of the jerks at FOX, the same jerks whose idiocy repeatedly shines thru, as they cancel program after program... with no regard for the fan base who invest time in those programs, only to have the rug pulled out from their viewing loyalty, with no advance notice, no reasons stated afterward, simply... nothing! Viewers of any FOX programming, don\'t say you have not been warned!
  • i just watch this show and i consider it good

    a very good show
    i would have watch it at the beginning but it interfrees(?) with other show
    but who cares i am watching forever he he he
    i am so stupid
    it is really a good show
    the episode i watch is the part with the earthguakes and everytime it is a scale of 5.5 or higher someone get kiled
    it was sooooooo cool and how they solve it
  • Some people just didn't realise how good it is.

    Why why why did this brilliant show get axed! It was the same as CSI but with more interesting crimes for the fearless detective's to solve. In fact, it's just all round better than CSI (not the classic episodes perhaps, but it's a lot better than the current season) but you don't see CBS cutting that from the schedule, do you? It's such a shame when good shows like this are not continued, especially this one. It had action, chemistry, fun and tonnes of potential. If only FOX could see it and learn to love this show as much as we do.
  • I don't understand why this was cancelled.

    The characters were interesting, the acting was decent, the cases were definately exciting and were much more involving than some seen on CSI to date. OK, sometimes the cases were a bit too far fetched but that's hardly a fault worth cancelling it over.

    I watch quite a few crime shows and this stood out as one of the more interesting ones for me - I think they got the balance between cases and characters just right. The casting was good too - I loved Hale's gruff voice, it matched the character's personality perfectly.

    I just don't think it was given a fair chance to prove itself.
  • Creepy show about very disturbed individuals.

    Unfortunately, I haven't seen every Killer Instinct episode but the ones I have seen have been very entertaining.
    The show is about Det. Jack Hale (Johnny Messner) who heads the San Francisco Police Department's Deviant Crime Unit which investigates bizarre and deviant crimes. His boss is Lieutenant Matt Cavanaugh (Chi McBride) and his partner is Det. Danielle Carter (Kristin Lehman).
    Hale is intense and tormented by his past. His last partner, whom he had had a personal relationship with, was killed in the line of duty. Hale is still watched closely by the DA. In the first episode, he is partnered with a spy from the DA to make sure he is okay. Overall, I like Hale. He's moody and mysterious and it will be interesting to see how he deals with his inner demons throughout the season.
    I am not as sold on Det. Carter. She just isn't as interesting to me but she is tolerable. Hopefully we will learn more about her in future episodes.
    The great thing about this show is the twists and turns each episode takes. For instance, in the pilot, the killer uses spiders to paralyze his victims. In "13 Going on 30," a little girl baits sexual predators and kills them. At the end we find out that the little girls isn't little. She's actually 30 and she was sexually abused by her father. That episode was probably my favorite because it had so many suprises.
    Killer Instinct is on FOX on Fridays at 9:00. Not the best time but you can always tape it watch it over the weekend. (That's what I do!)
  • have found this to be one of the top new show of this puts a differt twist to the cop gendre. i'm looking forward to the next episode.this should turn out to be a good partnership.

    Glad to see this new show,am looking forwar to becoming a big fan.This seems to have anew twist which is very interesting.I really enjoyed this first episode and the actors are really good.This looks to one of the goodys this season.Of course there seems to be alot of competition there.
  • Very interesting show.

    In my opinion this show was great even though there are currently a lot of shows about crime investigations i believe this had some thing diferent because the show had really weird cases in every single episode, which no other show does, i mean other show like CSI show weird cases now and then but this tv program did it always and that is why i liked a lot. I really believe this show had a lot of potencial and if it were given more time maybe it would had received more attention by the tv viewers. I know that it probably wont air again but it really was a great show.
  • This new crime drama was created by one of CSI's most experienced writers and details the adventurres of an elite group of San Francisco Investigators deticated to hunting down the San Fran's most deviant criminals.

    This show looks AMAZING! I\'ve never been much of a TV watcher on Friday nights, but I probably will stay home to catch this show. It\'s so cool that one of CSI\'s top producers has created his own program. If the promos are any indication (those spiders are so creepy), I really think that FOX has a winner here. Plus, Chi McBride has always been one of my favorite actors. He was so good in Boston Public. I don\'t know much about the other actors, but like CSI, I hope this show will be more about the crimes than character development. I can\'t wait!
  • best show i have ever seen

    i really liked the show and i still watch it on fox every friday. carter and hale where one of the best partners i have ever seen on tv.

    the thing that i enjoyed most about the show was how hale was always there to help out carter.

    now all i can hope for is for both of them to have sucesfull carrers and hopefully i will se them together again in the same show fighting crime and helping out each other.

    i am sorry if you dont understand very well but i am from colombia and i am not a very good writer.
  • I have never given a show other than CSI a 10. The time has come to give it again.

    This show pleases me beyond words. The chemistry between the two partners. The amazing story lines. The great murder twits.

    No words can cover how I felt when this ended. I loved every single episode. Like the storylines where beyond the normal television.

    Everything was so different and I have no idea why they cancelled it. It was a great show. Great acting, Great characters. I loved it.

    Amazing Amazing Amazing.

    I especially loved the twists, the way you could never know who did the killing at the start of the programme. Plus the fact the murders where so interesting and different.

    I have not seen anything like this before and I wish to see ALOT more of it. Unfortunately I can only pray it will come back!
  • killer instinct is the best show eva!

    killer instinct is about Det.Jack Hale ( Johnny Messner) and Det.Danielle Carter (Kristin Lehman) in the deviant crime unit its their job to go and stop the most deviant criminals in san francisco(SFPD)Hale has a hard time because his farther is a serial killer on death row and is still recovering from his lastest partners death and Carter is getting ready to join the team. i think kristin lehman is a better female lead than the other female because her and johnny make a good team and i hope to see them in the future work together agian. bring killer instinct back please!!!!
  • I love this show because it's better then the 3x CSI.

    It's better because the cops have issues in their personal life, and they bring that to work with them. It has more feeliings then the other shows. To me it should be on forever like for at least 4-? more seasons. It also has really cute people on it like Jonny Messner. That is just a small part in me liking it though. So, I think it's underappreciated because after like a couple shows Fox droped it. I think the should keep it going again. That is what I like about Killer Instinct, and I hope it returns to T.V.
  • come on people you have to bring killer instinct back!! it was one of the best crime shows ever!! i loved it.. big mistake taking it off.. the othes are ok but this one was the COOLEST!!

    killer instinct with DET. Jack Hale (Johnny Messner) as the leading role char. was the best. I watched this show every week it was on never missed an episode. Now its over that is not fair at all to us fans. I want it to come back on agian there has to be more seasons than the 1.. OK so it didnt get enough viwers but that dosent mean that it was a bad show most of the people prob didnt know about it.. If I were FOX I would make a 2ed season and let it fly with colors!!
  • I love this show

    i like the idea behind it the characters the vast differences between Carter and Hale as well as the fact that they fit so well together. I like the ideas for the shows they are soo off the wall you wonder where someone thought of these things i really really will miss this show i like it ALOT i think they should bring it back its not fair they put it on a channel that isnt readily available all the time plus in my city it wasnt advertised all that much and it was preempted by other shows
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