Killer Instinct

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • I looked forward to watching this show every friday. Besides the fact that Johnny Messner is the hottest man in the world, Killer Instinct kept my attention (which is a hard thing to do).

    I am surprised and very disappointed that the show is cancelled. I watched it every Friday and I really liked the format, the scenes, and felt the cast/crew were great. Johnny Messmer was an asset to the show with his cool,but "rough around the edges" personna, and made the charachter, Jack Hale real. Chi Bride I have always enjoyed as an actor.
    I like to watch CSI NCIS and this and now this is gone. Sigh. Heck at least shows Like Enterprise, Roswell, and others get a chance for fans to get the network to keep it going for a season or two. But no. Not Fox. We have to suffer through stupid American Idol. Notice that the runners up often have longer careers than the winners? That show and reality tv keeps the network alive. I hated CBS. Now I see that it's by FAR better than Fox. Heck for that matter WB or UPN is better. Thanks Fox. Glad to see You can't keep our attention. Maybe you should go back to 21 jump street. I absolutely loved Killer instinct so much. It's the only show that I watched on Fridays. I just read another article that said that Killer Instinct had actually boosted Fox's ratings for Fridays and that the show was receiving more praise with each episode. I stopped watching FOX permenatly. It really uspsets me that they cancelled it. Bring it BACK!