Killer Instinct

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • I absolutely can NOT believe this show is GONE....this was the BEST SHOW Fox has had in a while, maybe ever! The chemistry was fantastic. Makes me want to quit watching Fox altogether, everyone should actually write to Fox network!!!!!!!

    This show was so awesome. It had everything you could ask for in an intelligent tv show. It had that sexual tension we all love between the two main characters, where you know they would make a great couple but they never make it to that level (or it kills the show, like X-files' Scully & Moulder, or the two cops from Silk Stalkings, if anyone else remembers THAT I am old lol) But the chemistry was perfect, the story lines were actually ORIGINAL, which is rare now when you have Trading Spouses on one channel and Wife Swap on another, etc. It had the CSI factor, and the good old cop show factor. It was sexy, smart, just GREAT. I was looking on here to see when it was coming back on, because I have really missed the show. I was very disappointed to see it's status was "ended". I will keep watching for it, maybe a smarter network will pick it up (Remember the Fox show "Grounded for Life" that was cancelled? Another network picked it up, and continued making I will keep my hopes up!!!)