Killer Instinct

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • Just your average cop show

    Killer Instinct is about a male lead cop whose a loner in the field. His hanger-on partner does her best to give all that she's good for: following on the heels of the loner's footsteps and tailing his car whenever he runs off to be the hero and catch the bad guy on his own. Sound familiar? Yeah, identical to all the other crime dramas out there.

    The cases were interesting but you could generally guess the twist about 15 minutes during the show. There was nothing unique about the characters - they were all stereotypes, the murders were overtly gruesome, the victims were scantily clad vulnerable women and the cast had no chemistry. Johnny Messner and Kristen Lehman were so dull and unemotive.

    Jack Hale, the main character is bland and unrealistic - almost vigilante-like. In one episode, where the victims of a serial killer are bitten with poisonous spiders, he plants a poisonous spider on the killer. Jack's father is a serial killer, about to be executed - what are the chances that the police academy would let him in? For better shows that treat the same subject with more class and intelligence, I recommend Criminal Minds and the unjustly canceled The Inside. Those shows have better acting, more interesting cases, more unique characters, more surprising & hard to guess plot twists and more intelligent writing.