Killer Instinct

Season 1 Episode 11

While You Were Sleeping

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • Totally classic episode that i would LOVE to see again. Very enjoyable.

    Classic episode. Couldn\\\'t help but laugh [really hard] at the final scene of this episode with Cavanaugh\\\'s dream, about Hale going to Carter\\\'s apartment and Hale saying that she knows what she wants, and starts kissing her and Cavanaugh wakes up in horror. Very witty. Interesting episode, though you knew from the start that who ever was doing the murders was sleep-walking but it took the characters the whole episode to figure that out. I thought that soon they were going to start calling Carter the physic/dreaming detective since she was seeing all these clues in her dreams. Loved this episode.
  • This was a great episode!! I could easily watch this one again. This episode is all about dreams. Carter dreams about shooting Hale, Hale says he doesnt dream, a college kid murders people in his sleep and Cavanaugh dreams about Hale and Carter kis

    I loved this episode. Though I guessed right away that he was sleep walking it was an enjoyable episode. I had to watch this episod again because the first time I missed some of it because I was doing my homework. When I first saw Carter's dream I thought it was real untill she I saw that she had shot Hale. Then I knew it couldnt be real because it wouldnt make sense if one of the main characters was killed and anyway the series is based around Jack Hale and his fight against his past. I thought the last dream was realy good. Great episode!!!!!
  • fab episode!!!!!! would watch agian

    While you were sleeping is all about dreams when it first we see Danielle Carter (lehman) asleep but is awoken by a noise she reaches under her pillow for her gun walkes out and finds an intruder she shoutes "freeze" the intruder grabs her gitar about to hit her when she shoots she lookes over to find the intruder is Jack Hale (messner)she then wakes up to find her phone ringing at the end of it all the boss has a dream and hale and carter end up kissing what an ending lol i love this show it should be braught back
  • This episode is all about dreams. Someone commits brutal murder while he is asleep and dreaming. Carter also has dreams including one about Hale . . .

    This was a great episode. I loved the paranormal-twist (the dreams and everything) I think there\'s slightly suggested that there is \'something\' between Hale and Carter. The murders were really brutal and I thought they were a little too horrible, especially the first one. who I am kidding, that\'s not true they were all terrible crimes and I think that\'s why everyone watches Killer Instinct, these murders are always you know special. There\'s always something bizar about them. Carter is my favourite character and I loved the fact that she has dreams that help to solve the murders because dreams are weird hu? Noweone really understands them and that\'s why I thought that this was an interesting and great episode. I especially liked the last dream of the episode :)
  • This one is all about dreams. Carter's dreams, Jack's denial of dreams, and a killer who is somehow connected to it all.

    I am so glad that Britain's Channel 5 continues to show this great series. It might not be particularly innovative, and I fail to see proper "deviant crimes", or a definition thereof, in any of the episodes, but the characters are great, the stories well told, and the hour I spend watching Killer Instinct is never wasted.
    In this episode again, personal issues are ever-so-subtly interwoven with aspects of the case, here a series of murders beginning in a sleep clinic. As Hale and Carter are getting closer to the solution of the case, we learn that she has been dreaming about him breaking into her house, resulting in him getting shot. Underlying thoughts and feelings? Even the Lieutenant isn't sure what to make of it all.
    Mostly, the personal side of this story is an exploration of "What if", allowing a proximity that would otherwise be frowned upon, if not forbidden, in the department. It shows how close the two of them have grown in the short time they have been working together, but that Hale has not yet overcome the death of his previous partner. Very nicely done.