Killer Instinct

Season 1 Episode 6

Who's Your Daddy

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2005 on FOX

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  • Loved it. I think Hale was perfect in this.

    Hale is my favourite character. I wont admit some reason mayb be because he's hot. Although he reminds me alot of myself. In this episode we finally get to see his hidden depts which all revealed when his dad and his life is put under the microscope. I loved how every bit of this episode was amazing. Not one part was awful APART from one tiny thing.

    I would of expected hale to have a better ending with his dad. Plus i would of liked to see his dad not knowing he was a cop. Like they havent spoke in 20 years but he still knew his job? seemed odd.

    Amazing episode though. But he got away. Giant twist - not so exciting - although will be interestin for the future to see what happens. The look in his eye once he saw the page. Shows his dad was smart to know he will open it then!
  • Excellent episode, but curious about Hale's mother.

    Great new show with a twist - always keeps you guessing what\'s going to happen next, especially this exciting episode. *Except for there was no mention of Hale\'s mother. It seemed there was a picture of young Hale\'s mother or baby-sitter - would have been good to elaborate...would be nice to understand her background and what happened to her. Perhaps in future episodes?
  • I am Jack's warped reality.

    I'm so glad they didn't start with a stupid gym scene again...oh. Hale's doing pushups. Dammit.

    Interesting case this week, enhanced by Hale's personal connection to the case. You see, his father was put away 20 years prior and now a copycat's, utilizing the exact same MO, has taken his place.

    It's a good look into the cold calculating mind of Hale's incarcerated father, who believes his crimes were committed in the name of cleansing the world of evil-doers. His sinister strategum plays out like a chess game, and it's my gut feeling that the copycat-killer, a childhood acquaintance of Hale, may have just been a pawn Dad sacrificed to get to the King, his estranged son.

    With the obvious exception of Hale, and to a tiny extent Cavanaugh (we learn that Cavanaugh has known Hale for 20 years, and helped bail him out of jail a few times), the rest of the regular cast might as well have just taken a nap during production.

    Very Numb3resque-like moment with the pivotal "cracking the MO" scene.

    Like father, like son? The ending creeps me out--it spanks of the Manchurian Candidate.