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Episode 8 Season 1
Queen Bee
Episode 7 Season 1
Episode 6 Season 1
Daughter of the Alamo
Episode 5 Season 1
In and Out
Episode 4 Season 1
The Siren
Billy Parker
Ranger Molly Parker
DEA Agent Dan Winston
Company Commander Luis Zea
Becca Parker

Based on the Argentine crime drama Mujeres Asesinas, creator Hannah Shakespeare adapted Killer Women into an American setting. The series is a female perspective from inside the dangerous world of the elite law enforcement group known as the Texas Rangers. One of the first women to join the group, Molly Parker seeks truth and justice even if some rules need to be broken to achieve those goals. She must compete to prove herself to the men within the Rangers but she knows her boss, Company Commander Luis Zea has her back. Molly also has the support of her family which include her brother Billy and his wife Becca. Molly's divorce from smarmy Jake Colton is in the works but that doesn't stop her from starting an affair with the sexy and dangerous DEA Agent, Dan Winston.

The series is produced by ABC Studios. Hannah Shakespeare ("The Raven") and Ed Zuckerman ("Law & Order") serve as executive producers/writers, along with executive producers Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family"), Martin Campbell ("Casino Royale"), Ben Silverman ("The Office"), and Luis Balaguer ("Viva Hollywood!") on the series.

The Pilot opening shows a shot of the Alamo and was filmed in San Antonio, Texas; however, the rest of the Pilot was filmed in Austin, Texas. The remaining seven episodes were filmed in Albuquerque and Corrales, New Mexico.

ABC cancelled the series after the second episode aired. They pulled episodes six and seven, choosing to air only episodes one, two, three, four, five and eight. The two episodes not aired were available for on-line viewing on March 30, 2014: Episode 107 Demons and Episode 108 Queen Bee.