Killer Women

Season 1 Episode 5

In and Out

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2014 on ABC

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  • Not The Ending l Was Hoping For.

    So a famous basketball player named Troy Flynn is found murdered when he came home and interrupted three burglars (so it seems). A nosy neighbor said she saw three black men get into a white van and when Parker finds the white van all the merchandise that was stolen was still in the back of the van. They arrest two weed smoker's, which obviously didn't commit the robbery, so when Amber Flynn finds out her husband has been murdered she goes into a meltdown. So when Parker investigates his best two friends Grayson and Birdsong, she rules them out as suspects. It seems that Amber, Mishca and Kiki become number one suspects (even though they come across as airheads). But Molly doesn't have enough evidence to hold Mishca and Kiki, until Molly and Zea find out that Troy had a home away from home and next to the bed was a camera filming Kiki and Mishca and someone else named Zora, who Troy really wanted to settle down with. Troy intended on divorcing Amber and giving up basketball, so he could settle down with Zora, so with Molly's help Zora goes undercover and records everything and now with the confession of murder all three are arrested. I really do hate this marriage counselling between Molly and Jake ( just give her a damn divorce already). Dan his own case to deal with, smuggling drugs from the Mexican Border where the drugs are inside the cows and just before the end, Becca tells Molly she is pregnant again, but Billy doesn't know so she was going to tell him that night. As it turns out the extra money that Billy was making just happens to be one of the trucks crossing the border into the US (i'm not sure Billy even had a clue as to what he was doing). Great Episode. Look Forward To the Next.
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