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  • Awesome show on 13th street channel in the netherlands from Ziggo.

    I like the show very action and good stories in the episodes i see daily on tv..

    This serie has al qualities to be succesfull... It is different then regular series about script,but it has it's own originallity to entertain us as watchers... Performance and acting in the series is good... Hope to see it recontinued in future.. Killer Women rocks..
  • Killer Women

    My wife and I loved "Killer Women". We are very disappointed that ABC canceled it. No one asked us if we liked it!!!
  • I thought this was an awesome show!

    If ABC didn't want to show the entire season they could have at least put it ON Demand for us. I hate when networks don't respect their viewers enough to let them decide. I really loved the fact that this show had such a strong female lead and I love the Texan theme. I know it might not have been kind of see through, but all shows don't have to be super serious with million dollar budgets!
  • Doesn't Make Sense

    This show would have made sense in the 1980's or 1990's. It just seems dated. No wonder it got cancelled.
  • Aggravated.

    As someone who watched the show every week I was really aggravated that ABC decided to just skip 2 episodes instead of airing them. It made the series finale confusing due to lack of continuity.
  • What the F***

    Could anyone tell me why this series is cancelled ???? It was going so well , the plot the storyline, the actors, everything perfect, where they are supposed to be ... and now this ???? This decision must be reviewed, it is a big big mistake !!!
  • Premature cancellation

    I was annoyed when I realised that a) I hadn't accidentally slept through an episode but instead episodes had been skipped and b) I'd better enjoy the episode I was watching as it was the LAST! WT actual F!

    There were only 8 episodes would it have been so hard to air them in their entirety? If ABC think all will be forgiven because Scandal will be back next week, they are very much mistaken.
  • ABC really screwed up!

    Given the fact that even this site didn't get to mention it before it got cancelled, I say ABC really screwed up! What the hell? Are they trying to piss women off? This had potential. They shouldn't have ruined it by showing a skip the meat then reveal-it-all episode 6. It could have had a run online or on another network or cable or something. dammit.
  • Huge TV Network Airing F-Up

    The show gets a ten for me - I love it. ABC skipped an episode this week and we went from episode 5 to 7! WTF!
  • Would it have killed you to air episode 6 AND 7 BEFORE KILLING IT DEAD!!!!

    Regardless of what people in the rest of the planet think as usual, ABC cancelled this show, skipped the actual episode 6 and aired 7 instead. This sucks i was really liking this show! Its fun and Tricia Helfer played a great character! Stop traumatizing us with your mid season finalies and sudden cancellations! Also the earth is a big place expand your horizon and you'll find it wasn't only 3.6 million viewers who are left hanging! So many brilliant shows cancelled for nothing! They never marketed them properly and never gave them a chance ughhh end of bottled up rambling
  • Lead and plot couldn't stand out

    1st ep (14)
  • A B series worth watching

    I was hoping for something like Longmire but this is definitely a grade B television series. It is different enough that I will watch a few more episodes during the mid-season hiatus of some better series.
  • Nice after-work relaxing show

    I don't know the original, and I don't care.

    I was pessimistic about this show after the first reviews I read but...

    I still gave it a chance and after those few episodes I must admit I like it,

    The pictures are nice, the stories and the actors are okay.

    Don't expect more than it is, its a fine TV-show, just enjoy it.

  • I only liked the hats

    Just another thinner and taller version of "Walker: Texas Ranger" with small boobs but a bit sillier more like "Justified"

    You could have just named the show "Parker: Texas Ranger"

    I only liked the hats & The big-horn bull that she talks to.

  • This role is for Her. Needs better writing

    The episode was okay. The show could be better if the producers tighten up the writing. The writers are leaving too many details in the air, which will lose slower viewers. A person needs to be able to keep up with the show. if you leave holes in the story/plot the viewer will fell loss and disconnected. if they plan on making it to season two improvement is needed. Note to casting: Stop making all of the men in this show look soft. The DEA guy is a "NO GO"
  • Justified

    Killer Women. Nope!!! Try Justified: A XXX Parody. xD
  • Kill Bill

    I thought I was watching Kill Bill. Does Tarantino know about this show? That said, I liked it, but did not understand how the audience was expected to believe that a cartel would pick someone out of the blue to kill a DA. I find it hard to believe that anyone would simply agree with their demands, even though they had kidnapped their relatives. That is cold-blooded murder!