Killer Women

Season 1 Episode 4

The Siren

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2014 on ABC

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  • Serial Killer.

    So Dan gets shot, only in the arm and he stays with Molly and her family, then Molly receives a call from the Sheriff saying they have found a dead body. What they soon discover is that the Jon Doe is a Jane Doe, totally shaved head, eyebrows and eyelashes, but Molly has already seen this before. Not to long after this they find another woman who is still alive and she manages to help Molly in some of the details that happened to her. Molly does some digging and finds out about another cold case which is the same as this, which makes three victims. They were suspecting the killer to be a man, it was only when Molly's car broke down on purpose that i had doubts about this woman named Carmen ( a so called singer). Then when she appeared and offered Molly a ride, that's when i knew it was her (i wont go into Carmen's life story, because then you'll know why she turned out this way, but she is still a Psycho). By the time she drives Molly into town, Molly already knows its her, but unfortunately she meets Molly's sister in law Becca. Carmen ends up kidnapping Becca and Molly manages to track her down and take her down. (and no Billy is not cheating on Becca, which i'm so glad). Great Episode. I Really Hope Tricia Helfer This Show ls Working Out For You.
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