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  • Season 1
    • The German Fillum
      Two German film-makers, Dieter Langer and Hans, come to the remote Irish village of Killinaskully in order to shoot a documentary. Their progress is very much reduced due to the machinations of the unusual locals, including the man-hungry landlady, Goretti.
    • The Date
      The Date
      Episode 2
      Love blossoms as both Mr. Cantwell, the local headmaster and German documentary maker Dieter Langer fall for the schoolteacher Miss Fahy.
    • The New Priest
      The New Priest
      Episode 3
      When old Fr. Mullarkey is packed off to a home for the bewildered, the Killinaskully faithful wait with baited breath for their new priest. Their faith is put to the test, however, when the new cleric turns out to be a little more exotic than they're used to.
    • The Sign
      The Sign
      Episode 4
      Nothing unites a community like bad news and so the whole village rallies round when Timmy's demise is imminent. A trip to his beloved "Spudworld" is hastily planned but, as Timmy heads for the airport, the terrible truth emerges.
    • The Pitch
      The Pitch
      Episode 5
      Killinaskully GAA club have been using "the pitch" for as long as anyone can remember, so, when the widow Gilhooley puts it up for auction they are confident it will be theirs. That is until a flamboyant yank swaggers into town. Will the yank get the field, or will the Dan put a stop to this "outsider"?moreless
    • The Funeral
      The Funeral
      Episode 6
      Killinaskully is in festive mood as it prepares for the funeral of one of its most famous sons, "Jumpin Gerry Houlihan". Preparations for an extravagant burial are thrown into disarray with news that Jumpin Gerry has already been cremated. Things get a little embarrassing when the great man's ashes disappear and it's left to Jimmy Magee to restore the village pride.moreless
    • The Nativity
      The Nativity
      Episode 7
      The race is on for Willie to find Killinaskully a giant crib when a mysterious stranger and his expectant wife roll into town. Meanwhile, Dan and his fellow wise men wreak havoc on their annual Christmas shopping spree while Sgt. O'Toole is left holding the lamb. Only a pub full of angels could make sense of it all. Elsewhere, Goretti helps a woman give birth to a baby girl!moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3